Core Mobile wallet by Ava Labs is now live on Android

Ava Labs brings one of the most efficient ways for crypto traders to navigate their digital assets. Core Mobile wallet is currently available on Android devices. The iOS launch is scheduled for the next year, subject to receiving approval from the platform. Using Core Mobile gives users access to Bitcoin, Avalanche, Ethereum, and EVM-compatible chains.

The multi-chain wallet comes at no cost, allowing users to leverage many features. However, to start with, crypto assets and collectibles in Core Mobile are kept safe under self-custody. Another beneficial feature is that the wallet provides an intuitive experience to the users, making it one of the fastest wallets existing in current times.

It is worth noting that the launch of Core Mobile Wallet has already been termed game-changing. The title has a lot to do with uplifting the user experience and offering tools to perform nearly instant swaps. Native Bitcoin transfer to Avalanche and quick cash on-ramps add to the USP of the wallet.

Traders – new or experienced – can equally find it easy to access the Core Mobile wallet. Ava Labs aims to make it the safest and the most intuitive wallet in the industry. Mass adoption of crypto is inevitable, with wallets serving as the basic foundation for users. It is only logical to assume that the rapidly growing sector will facilitate Ava Labs to achieve its aim in the coming years.

It cannot be easy to navigate cryptocurrencies around a wallet. Core Mobile sticks to the basics of keeping things simple without crowding the interface with unnecessary tools. The navigation problem, therefore, goes for a ride without harming a user’s experience.

As Nick Mussallem says, Core Mobile is designed to give users maximum control over their cryptocurrency holdings while ensuring that its intuitiveness is intact for everyone. Nick, the Senior Vice President of Head of Product at Ava Labs, believes that Core Mobile has the potential to become the gateway at a time when mass adoption becomes a reality.

The hope is based on the offering that eliminates multiple movements of a user by compiling all of it under a single umbrella. However, Ava Labs have attempted to launch its core services through which customers can use numerous facilities provided on the Avalanche network’s energy segment. However, this, in turn, will develop the overall Web3 experience.

Core Mobile focuses on handing over self-custody of assets to ensure that the security is difficult to breach. Avalanche DeFi Apps are instilled with confidence with a smooth transfer of native Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not just cryptocurrencies but non-fungible tokens also find a space in the development. Users cannot move to a different wallet to manage their NFTs.

As hundreds of Avalanche assets are swapped easily, it is considered a blessing for active users in the crypto trading sphere. One can visit here to understand how other wallets deal with the swapping option. Only one QR code is required to pay the other person, removing the fear of entering the wrong address.

Almost all the high-performing DeFi apps are connected to the wallet. The same applies to games and NFT marketplaces. More updates are lined-up. The level will only rise as the Core Mobile wallet prepares for the iOS launch.