Cloaked Wireless makes mobile devices swap-proof

Secure wireless provider Cloaked Wireless’ early access sale for its credits and a free Anon NFT has begun. The company’s products will promote a secure network with unparalleled protection from port-out attacks and unauthorized SIM swaps, Invezz learned from a press release.

250K people fell victim to attacks and swaps last year

According to estimates, more than 250,000 people fell victim to these types of attacks in the United States in 2021. Mobile devices process more personal and financial data than any other devices.

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These scams are becoming more frequent, and their financial impact – more pronounced. Consumers need a wireless option with a primary focus on security, which is exactly what Cloaked Wireless is launching. Jonathan Wilkins, CEO of Cloaked Wireless, stated:

Everyone deserves privacy and security. SIM Swaps and Port-out attacks can be devastating, and everyone is at risk. Current cellular networks don’t have the security of a user’s information in mind, and that’s why we created Cloaked Wireless. Cloaked’s goal is to place control of information back into the hands of the users.

Unparalleled protection against identity theft  

Users of Cloaked Wireless have unparalleled protection from SIM swaps and identity theft because they have full control. Staff cannot authorize SIM swaps or modify accounts. Subscribers can be sure they won’t suffer from unauthorized SIM swaps or port-out attacks with the improved security, especially around account creation.

Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group, said:

As a victim of sim swapping scams, I know better than most the struggle and devastation of an unsecured cellular network. No one should have or be able to grant access to your account but the primary user. Cloaked is taking major leaps in giving the power of information and security back into the hands of users.

Limited-time offer: Priority access credits  

Cloaked Wireless’ credits are on limited pre-sale, including a free Anon NFT, with a limited-time price of $1,000. The credits are worth $1,200. The company has made service transfer very simple. You just choose a plan, sign up, and select a payment option, like Bitcoin (BTC/USD).

You select a Cloaked SIM or eSIM after choosing a security level. Cloaked has a BYOE (Bring your own everything) policy, which lets subscribers take their unlocked phones and keep their numbers. 

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