Cannabis Spending On Super Bowl Sunday Takes Slight Dip This Year

Cannabis spending declined this past Super Bowl Sunday, with the typical checkout basket size valued at $84.61, a -4% decline from same store sales year-over-year. Despite the dip, there were still some notable patterns when it came to consumer behavior.

According to data aggregated by cannabis marketing platform Fyllo, pre-rolls remained the most sought-after product on Super Bowl Sunday generating 37% of all sales that day. Chad Bronstein, founder of Fyllo, expressed little surprise about this finding, adding that pre-rolls are “the cheapest product in dispensaries.” In an economically precarious climate, that can be a strong enticement for consumers.

“We see this sensitivity to pricing most significant among persons aged 25 to 75, where consumer spending this year around the Super Bowl decreased significantly,” noted Bronstein, in an email.

Interestingly, in this same vein, Fyllo found that GenZ cannabis sales surged on Super Bowl Sunday. Sales growth among the youngest demographic of 21 to 24-year-olds showed spending increases of +10%.

Other significant movers and shakers category-wise included:

*Dispensary gear category same store sales were up +20% this year, ranking as the second most popular product category this year;

*Plants and beverages were the other two standouts, with category same store sales growing +200% and +39% respectively;

In contrast, topicals and edibles category sales were down -36% and -25% this year. Bronstein speculated that this decline is “potentially a response to pricing, driven by higher manufacturing costs, especially for those looking to optimize the cost of their high.”

Slowing West Coast sales were countered with increases in the East and South. Fyllo found that sales in Florida grew by +27%, +17% in Maine, and 7% in Arkansas. Conversely, markets on the West Coast (New Mexico, Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado) were all softer year-over-year with sales down -15% to -30%.

Founded in 2019, Fyllo is headquartered in Chicago.

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