Brett Favre’s SiriusXM Show Suspended Whilst Proceedings Continue In Welfare Fraud Case

Hall of fame NFL player Brett Favre has had his SiriusXM show – The SiriusXM Blitz With Brett Favre and Bruce Murray – pulled, at the very least, temporarily whilst proceedings continue around his involvement in a Mississippi-based welfare fraud case.

The news comes after ESPN Milwaukee decided to pause The Brett Favre Show, his weekly recap program on the network, according to NBC Sports. The SiriusXM show had aired since 2018 every Tuesday.

The fraud case hit in May when the Mississippi Department of Human Services sued Favre and 37 other individuals and organizations for the fraudulent use of millions of dollars in state welfare funding. The monies were allegedly put towards numerous personal projects of the group including – relative to Favre – $5 million for the construction of a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi. The school where Favre’s daughter played.

A report made public by Mississippi Today on September 13th allegedly detailed how Favre, along with former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, Nancy New, the founder of nonprofit Mississippi Community Education, and former executive director of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services, John Davis, conspired and actioned to allegedly divert money from the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. A fund that financially supports low-income families with children.

Favre’s lawyer confirmed to NBC News in a report on September 1st that the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) had questioned Favre on the over $1 million in fees he had received for speaking engagements and yet he had never actually given any talks. This is according to the Mississippi state auditor.

The monies for the speaking engagements were also taken out of the state’s welfare fund. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback was ordered to pay the fees back plus interest. Favre has paid back the amount, but not the interest.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on September 22nd that former executive director, John Davis, has now pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and theft in regards to programs receiving federal funds.

“At Davis’s direction, (Mississippi’s welfare agency) provided federal funds to two nonprofit organizations and then directed the two nonprofit organizations to fraudulently award contracts to various entities and individuals for social services that were never provided,” the Department Of Justice stated in a news release.

Favre’s show was suspended following Davis’ guilty plea. The case has drawn widespread shock and outrage in part because of the individuals allegedly involved and the fact that Mississippi is statistically the poorest state in the nation, notoriously tough on who is eligible for state welfare.