B Real’s New Line Of Cannabis Flower Rolls Into Dispensaries This Week

Dr. Greenthumb’s, the cannabis brand launched by legendary rapper and entrepreneur B Real, is releasing an eponymous line of marijuana flower in California this week with a launch in the company’s dispensaries. The Dr. Greenthumb’s line, which the company says is intended to bring high-quality cannabis flower to all Californians, will then be rolled out to additional licensed retailers across the state.

“Dr. Greenthumb’s flower is divided into three distinct categories: Loyal, Legacy and Unapologetic,” the company said in a statement. “Loyal signifies B Real’s commitment to quality cannabis while being mindful of price point, Legacy pays homage to the farms who have maintained their quality and authenticity over the decades and Unapologetic speaks to the customer who wants the best cannabis, regardless of budget.”

As the lead vocalist of groundbreaking hip-hop group Cypress Hill, B Real was one of the first artists to rap almost exclusively about weed. He and the other members of Cypress Hill, who were nominated for three Grammy awards over a career that has spanned more than three decades, were some of the first entertainers to embrace cannabis openly in a culture still dominated by marijuana prohibition.

B Real launched Dr. Greenthumb’s first marijuana dispensary in August 2018 in Sylmar, California after first being established as a brand in 1998. The company now operates five licensed cannabis dispensaries in California, with a sixth slated to open April 16 only minutes from LAX in Los Angeles. Dr. Greenthumb’s has agreements for co-branded cannabis accessories with vaporizer maker G-Pen and specialty smoking gear manufacturer Stündenglass, but the new line of cannabis flower is the brand’s first foray into its own regulated marijuana products.

Supporting California’s Independent Growers

Dr. Greenthumb’s new line of cannabis flower is sourced from licensed California growers that are visited by B Real, head of cultivation Kenji Fujishima and other members of the Dr. Greenthumb’s team to be vetted on the operation’s history, authenticity and connection to true cannabis culture. Details on selected growers will be available via a QR code located on each package, providing transparency and allowing customers to see each farm’s story and make purchase decisions based on which growers they want to support.

“I have a twofold mission with Dr. Greenthumb’s flower,” said B Real. “I want to honor the legacy of cannabis by ensuring the original cultivators have a place in the industry and provide accessible, quality cannabis for everyone’s budget. Things are changing so fast in the industry and the mom-and-pop legacy growers are losing their voice to the big corporations. I want to do my part to help the growers who love and respect the plant.”

Before it is released to consumers, each harvest of cannabis flower produced by the selected cultivators is reviewed and graded by B Real and his team. First, every batch must pass the garbage test, which mandates that “if B Real would have refused smoking it on tour, it goes right in the garbage can.” Each contender that survives the initial cut is then graded one, two or three thumbs up based on B Real’s personal preference before being packed in color-coded packaging that signifies each quality category.

The farms will remain eligible and part of the Dr. Greenthumb’s supply chain as long as they meet the quality standards of the brand, but strains will change in accordance with each farm’s menu offerings. Each batch of cannabis will be exclusive to the Dr. Greenthumb’s brand, which will be working with new growers regularly.

“My hope with Dr. Greenthumb’s flower is to create a brand that resonates with the people. I have spent over three decades fighting for the plant itself. When I gave my support to Last Prisoner Project, I knew the next decade was going to include a fight for the people behind the plant, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with the Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line,” said B Real, referring to a group that advocates for the release of all cannabis prisoners.

The Dr. Greenthumb’s flower line is expected to retail between $20 to $40 depending on the flower category. The new line of flower will be available at all Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries in April, with wider distribution in California licensed cannabis retailers scheduled for May.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ajherrington/2022/03/29/b-reals-new-line-of-cannabis-flower-rolls-into-dispensaries-this-week/