AssetMantle forms a lucrative partnership with OKC

AssetMantle, on its part, has taken the opportunity of forming a mutually beneficial partnership with OKC. This occurrence has taken place with the aim and intention of making AssetMantle in the position of creating an open source and community-oriented infrastructure, with regards to inter-chain NFTs, along with metadata standardization. However, this will be achievable by participating in the InterNFT standard.

 The plan and ultimate goal, however, lies in offering a platform that will be instrumental in allowing a set of NFT use cases that go beyond just matters of different forms of arts and collectibles. They should be able to transfer the rights and ownership of real-time assets. However, this would include assets such as real estate and other such commodities.

However, this collaboration between AssetMantle and OKC brings forward a wide range of advantages, like the cross-chain transfer of assets from AssetMantle to OKC. Implementation of a USD bridge smoothing the process of finance. Additionally, AsGuard, the arm of AssetMantle, will help provide security to the OKC network. The IBC Relayer setup Implementation will provide resource friendliness on the infrastructure layer.

Regarding AssetMantle, on the whole, it happens to be a multi-tenant NFT marketplace infrastructure. However, it allows all of its connected builders and collectors the facility of not only minting but also having ownership and carrying out activities related to the trading of digital assets. However, this is made possible on its new-age blockchain. In this case scenario, it is also possible for all collectors to possess the assets duly minted through these marketplaces. Out of all this, the gas fees remain low and static, along with a smaller carbon footprint.