Apple Stock Price Surge Influenced by Future Possibilities 

Most of the time investments and trading follows the simple rule—more risk, more gain and less risk, less gain. The latter widely remains the case with giant companies. Apple, Google, Microsoft and several others fall under the category, as they are considered “too big to fail”. Tech giant Apple has released its yearly earnings and the numbers are tempting as expected. 

Apple stock price takes support at 20 day moving average, buyers became aggressive at this point earlier yesterday’s trading session. Meanwhile, again price recovered above the 0.618 level of Fib retracement. On the later 17 November, NASDAQ: APPL stock price rapidly hiked by 1.3% and closed at 146.43 USD mark. The very next day, although, it went over 152 USD and closed the day slightly up from 151 USD. 

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Past Performance Impacting NASDAQ: APPL Stock

Apple remains among the most preferable stocks category given multiple reasons to rely on. The tech giant showcased significant growth in its earnings per share (EPS)—which grew about 28% every year compounded over three years. And investors generally tend to fall towards the company with growing EPS. 

In October 2022, Apple Inc. brought up its full year earnings. Apple stock’s EPS was reported 6.16 USD, up from 5.67 USD in 2021. Revenue was reported 394.3 billion USD after a 7.8% surge in a year and net income remained 99.8 billion USD which is 5.4% higher from the last year. The net profit margin for the company remained 25% similar to 2021.

Around that time, the stock price showed ups and downs where it dipped to 144 USD on the earnings release day while it jumped to over 155 USD the next day. 

Product launch also plays a crucial role in influencing the tech company’s stock price. In September when the latest iPhone 14 series was launched, it ranged from 154.53 USD to 163.43 USD within four days.

Future Outlook to Check Potential

To pick up a best-suited stock, an investor needs to look at the future outlook along with the past performances. When it comes to Apple Inc., its 2.4 trillion USD valuation is enough to its worth till date. But the company’s future possibilities could also suggest if there’s more room for growth.

For instance, experts believe Apple to enter the hardware play, majorly electric vehicle and augmented and virtual reality headsets. Both the emerging sectors are deemed to be the future’s necessity and it makes sense for the iPhone manufacturer to consider them. 

The company is said to enter the headset space while launching VR headsets by the end of this year and AR headsets in the next one to two years. This is expected to push the revenue by 20 billion USD. Additionally, the company is likely to look towards Apple’s electric car, adding up another 36 billion USD worth revenue. 


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