Ancient8 partners with Shrapnel to gear Web3 gaming toward mass acceptance

Ancient8 and Shrapnel have entered into a partnership. The news was shared by Ancient8, highlighting the reason for collaboration with an AAA FPS blockchain game. Ancient8, through this partnership, looks to assist Shrapnel in achieving the mission of becoming the top-tier FPS game.

The purpose of taking this game to the top of the list is to drive the adoption of Web3 gaming among the masses. Shrapnel will deploy its unique plat-to-own and create-to-own designs to give users an immersive and vast experience within the virtual world.

Shrapnel centers around an extraction theme, requiring players to hunt and fight for drops that are done at the Sacrifice Zone. Trailers and previews of Shrapnel are available. The team behind the game has bagged Emmy and BAFTA awards, with more to come in the future. Shrapnel’s promotional content is receiving positive responses from the community, taking it to the path of success before the release.

Unreal Engine 5 forms the basic ground for Shrapnel which will be deployed on the Avalanche subnet. This architecture provides EVM compatibility, zero latency, and trading of assets inside the game itself. Blockchain games thrive, provided players are satisfied with the virtual world and its overall functions. Shrapnel appears to be ticking all the boxes at the moment.

The list of players who are being targeted includes the following categories:-

  • Creators
  • Players
  • Curators

The project is financially backed by Mechanism Capital, Polychain Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Merit Circle, and Dragonfly Capital, among many others. Veterans who have contributed to reputed games like Call of Duty, HALO, and Star Wars are on the team for Shrapnel.

Customization plays an important role in Shrapnel. Players get access to accessories like guns & other types of gear that are used to equip their virtual version. Moreover, players can create and mint other vanity items and cosmetics.

Every part of Shrapnel is powered by blockchain technology. However, this includes skill-based competitions, digital ownership, and creative modding tools.

Ancient8 comes into the picture as the venture develops an infrastructure that serves all the purposes of the marketing & community in the Web3 gaming sphere. In the marketing department, Ancient8 is constructing Identity and Launchpad products. These will serve as the marketing distribution channel for projects in the metaverse, enabling platforms to onboard millions of users.

The vision of Ancient8 is to democratize social & financial access in the metaverse. The venture is backed by investors like Dragonfly, Pantera, C2 Ventures, Makers Fund, and Animoca, to mention a few.

Shrapnel and Ancient8 are a perfect fit for each other. The team behind Shrapnel makes it rather more interesting. All the members have award-winning working experience with HBO, Xbox, and EA. Industry experts from reputed blockchain projects and AAA games are also a part of this collaboration.