Algorand Ecosystem Chooses Capi as the Latest Grand Recipient

Since introducing the Algorand Foundation Grant Program, they received a huge number of entries from developers who want to be a part of the growing Algorand Ecosystem. We are thrilled to announce Capi as the latest Grant recipient, following a thorough evaluation and selection process.

Capi helps business owners create a public company withthe help of Algorand. It’s a straightforward platform that blends crowdsourcing and investing to make it simple to fund and earn from real-world ventures.

The app allows business owners to name their projects and select a token supply and pricing. Tokens are purchased by investors in order to obtain a piece of the profits automatically. Tokens are tradable, incentivising holders to promote the company.

Ivan Schuetz, who works as a software developer and contributed to a number of open-source projects in the Algorand ecosystem, is the brain behind the Capi design. Ivan recognised the heavy requirement of an investment vehicle that lets investors gain profit from ideas coming from their communities while making use of the blockchain’s democratization, transparency, and easy integration with other apps.

Capi will use the funds to further build the platform, hire people to undertake extensive testing, create a marketing plan, and pay legal bills as needed.

Capi’s decentralized crowdfunding and investing platform will be launched on Algorand, and the teams are quite excited. Capi makes it simple for company owners and investors to start or invest in new ventures. Building on Algorand gives users peace of mind because their data is entirely on-chain, decentralized, and transparent – meaning it can be accessed by users irrespective of the location.