Is Launching This Year to Elevate Ethereum R&D to New Highs

The three-day conference and hackathon will bring the Ethereum community to Switzerland, a country renowned for its crypto-friendliness and its role as the cradle of blockchain research.

Switzerland’s premier development and research-focused conference and hackathon is taking place between April 14-16, 2023, with the goal of fostering innovation and creating an environment where developers, researchers, and the Ethereum community at large can connect, learn, experiment, and build.

The community-driven main event is hosted and co-organized by the University of Zurich Blockchain Center, and will be attended by approximately 500 developers and researchers. Furthermore, hundreds of industry experts, prominent venture capital firms, and up-and-coming Ethereum startups will convene at accompanying side events.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the hackathon, gain valuable insights into the most recent Ethereum research, ecosystem, and protocol development updates, as well as network with industry leaders and experts. With the launch of this conference and hackathon, is sure to be a highlight of the Ethereum community and a key player in stimulating further research and development.

The cradle of blockchain research

Switzerland is globally recognized for its leading role in digital innovation and blockchain technology. Its startup-friendly and pragmatic regulatory environment, a long-standing commitment to protecting privacy, and a high concentration of service providers and world-class research institutions make it one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world.

The Greater Zurich Area has established itself as a global hub of the blockchain industry in this supportive environment, and it is the home of many prominent crypto projects, companies, and organizations, including the Ethereum Foundation.

Besides the presence of established businesses and financial institutions that are already embracing the technology, the talent pool for blockchain solutions in the Greater Zurich area is remarkable. Several Swiss universities and research centers collaborate with blockchain and distributed ledger technology experts to support the next generation of blockchain developers and engineers.

The University of Zurich (UZH) Blockchain Center is a leading institution in this regard. With 62 members and researchers from the University of Zurich and top international scholars of the community,  it is not only the largest academic initiative of Switzerland, but it has also been ranked the third-best university for blockchain in 2022 and whose research is making the biggest impact worldwide.

The UZH Blockchain Center serves as a world-leading competence center and blockchain hub that fosters and coordinates excellent interdisciplinary research across a variety of fields. It also sports a wide range of international educational offerings to undergraduate and postgraduate students, with industry leaders covering all areas of expertise.

Furthermore, the UZH Blockchain Center is actively supporting the advancement of Ethereum research and development through collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation on various research projects and initiatives, as well as by hosting and co-organizing the upcoming conference and hackathon.

Fostering Ethereum research and development 

Research and development, as well as protocol upgrades, are essential for Ethereum to reach its full potential. is a cooperative event with the aim of bringing together some of the brightest minds in the Ethereum space to collaborate on addressing the most pressing challenges of improving Ethereum through cutting-edge solutions and advanced methods of research and development, and ultimately pushing the boundaries of this technology.

The mission of the organizing team is not only to bring experts and the wider community to Zurich for a three-day conference and hackathon, but to create lasting impact and encourage local talent to get involved in Ethereum research and development, and foster further collaboration between local institutions and communities.

What to expect at the main event

This year’s three-day conference and hackathon will focus on research and academia, with a strong emphasis on the following topics: Cryptography, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Data Availability, Virtual Machines and Blockchain Execution, Cybersecurity, and Ethereum Community.

The hackathon is designed to foster a supportive environment for the local community, as well as developers coming from other countries. It will provide a platform for approximately 200 hackers to connect with industry professionals and build innovative projects with the guidance of experienced mentors, judges, and advisors.

The conference will feature a range of talks, hands-on workshops, and panels covering a wide array of topics, from the more basic to the most advanced, ensuring that all attendees have the opportunity to learn something new. This will include both established areas of knowledge as well as emerging technologies, allowing everyone to explore the spectrum of possibilities and gain valuable insights.

Furthermore, the conference will provide an interactive and engaging environment to foster meaningful discussion and debate, enabling those attending to share their experiences and benefit from the collective knowledge of the group.

Organizers and supporters is a unique collaboration between Paralelni Polis’ Institute of Cryptoanarchy, the University of Zurich Blockchain Center, and the UTXO Foundation. While the University of Zurich Blockchain Center is hosting, and co-organizing the event with the Institute of Cryptoanarchy, the hackathon is organized by the UTXO Foundation. is proudly supported by a number of generous sponsors who recognize the value of this innovative event, including PWN, Galaxis, Hexagon, Ethereum Foundation’s Ecosystem Support Program, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

The event has established collaborative partnerships with a variety of other stakeholders, including BeInCrypto, one of the prime media and communication partners of the event.

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