Ethereum, Solana, and Orbeon Protocol are good options for 2023

While the cryptocurrency market as a whole has had a tough season, some tokens, such as Ethereum, Solana, and Orbeon Protocol, have remained relatively stable.

Solana, which is tightly related to FTX, has maintained a high trading volume despite the market’s general disinterest following FTX’s steep decline. Ethereum, too, has managed to recover from the FTX effect swiftly.

Orbeon Protocol, which is now in the third round of presale, has seen an 805% price gain despite the impact. Read on to understand why the three coins are still a good option for 2023.

Ethereum Shows Resilience Despite Having Dropped by 76%

Ethereum is a distributed finance innovation that can be implemented in monetary apps.

By eliminating the requirement for a trusted third party in financial transactions, Ethereum empowers programmers to take charge of the cryptocurrency’s monetary supply, storage of assets, and completion of any related programs. It is a popular chain for decentralized application developers and projects.

ETH is the cryptocurrency used to conduct transactions on the Ethereum Network. At its current price, Ethereum has lost over 70% in the past year.

However, the fact that 76% of all NFT trading volume is in ETH shows that investors are still bullish on Ethereum despite this drop. ETH has recently shown great signs of rebounding back to its former glory in the highly anticipated bull run of 2023.

Solana Set for a Breakout in 2023

Solana (SOL) could finally have its year in the upcoming Bull Run. In the months following its April 2020 introduction, SOL had a remarkable activity that brought traders enormous profits.

Solana’s initial public offering price was roughly $0.77; by last November, the stock had risen to a high of $249.98, for a total return of around 19,000%.

Although the price of Solana has dropped to a new low of under $15, in line with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, many people are still bullish about the coin in 2023.

Many programmers are drawn to the Solana blockchain because of its speed and affordable gas fees compared to Ethereum.

Solana has been under intense scrutiny since the FTX meltdown, yet on December 14, 2022, its price rose 5.4% to trade at $13.94. Solana appears to be on the road to recovery, as its market cap increased by $26 billion overnight.


Orbeon Protocol Presale a Sign of Growth in 2023

If Solana and Ethereum make significant market advances in 2023, one might argue that Orbeon Protocol will be even more impressive.

Many people in the cryptocurrency community are talking about Orbeon Protocol, especially after the success of the ongoing phase 3 of its presale, which has seen its price go up by 805% so far.

With its crowdfunding NFTs-as-a-Service solutions, Orbeon Protocol will connect everyday investors with startups they wish to invest in.

The fact that anybody with even a dollar will be able to invest in fractionalized NFTs makes Orbeon Protocol the ultimate venture capital solution of the future. This is possible thanks to the Orbeon Protocol’s use of equity-based NFTs.

The platform also makes it easier than ever before for new businesses to raise money without having to deal with the bureaucratic hurdles of traditional lenders and banks.

This diverse ecosystem is powered by the ORBN token, which grants holders various benefits like staking bonuses, governance rights, and more.

With the first round of the presale presently ongoing, and many experts projecting a price increase of 6000% in the upcoming bull season, Orbeon Protocol makes for a great investment opportunity in 2023.

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