Ethereum (ETH) Chain’s Newest Project Uniglo (GLO) Starts Its Presale In July, ApeCoin (APE) Holders Gear Up

No matter how much the industry or individual investors grow to love or hate cryptocurrencies, there’s always an undeniable excitement that comes with new projects in the space. 

The promise of new technology, new use cases, and, of course, new money always manages to stoke the fires of interest. For better or worse, this excitement surrounding new cryptocurrency projects has been a major driving force behind the industry’s growth over the past few years. 

Billions of dollars have been poured into new projects through initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other fundraising methods, hoping to catch the next big thing. Supporting promising ICOs can lead to greater profits once the projects are launched to the public.

 One of the most thrilling ICOs entering the industry is Uniglo (GLO). Meanwhile, ApeCoin (APE) holders are gearing up for bulls. What do we know about GLO, and what’s the fuzz about APE?

What Makes Uniglo (GLO) Unique?

Uniglo’s sudden rise in fame is attributed to the key factors that define how this token will succeed in the future of cryptocurrencies.

 Incorporating rarity through the unique ultra-burn mechanism, Uniglo is a community-based social currency asset-backed by digital currencies and rare NFTs. Uniglo’s native token is GLO which is trying to balance protecting wealth and investing in future growth.

Uniglo (GLO) Presale

Ethereum Chain’s newest project, Uniglo, will begin its presale on July 15 and will run for a month. During this period, Uniglo will offer a Presale bonus of 5% for every token purchase.

The presale proceeds will be utilized to create the Uniglo platform. The team has already created an early version of the Ultra-Deflationary Burn mechanism, and the introduction of this novel token-burning method is planned for 2023. 

Uniglo is the first project focused on developing a unique burn technique that will enable Uniglo to raise the rarity of GLO and, as a result, the coin’s value. The platform will enable the growth of a new economy based on digital commodities, according to the firm vision of the Uniglo team.

Developers and business professionals with extensive experience serving as the Uniglo team’s leaders, with a demonstrated track record in the banking sector and rare/unique high-end investments.

ApeCoin (APE) Holders Are Preparing For Massive Breakout

ApeCoin holders are gearing up, sending positive signals for the price increase. ApeCoin’s price was driven higher by bulls, indicating a further bullish revival. What happened? Three important elements are responsible for the reversal.

Snoop Dogg and Eminem, two of America’s most well-known rappers, debuted a new music video at Ape Fest ’22. The song, which includes NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), quickly became well-liked in the Web3 and NFT communities. 

The famous rappers believe this to be the start of a brand-new media trend that will allow token owners to use the image of their Bored Apes for personal or professional projects. The ApeCoin’s main plan was to simplify BAYC holders’ participation in exclusive activities. This has made the NFT token more appealing to those who haven’t yet invested in the collection.

It becomes evident that bears no longer have a grip over the NFT token as the ApeCoin price breaks out of its two-month downturn. The price chart for ApeCoin has a bullish divergence, and the NFT token is projected to increase by 30%.

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of APE NFT token and searching for broader profit opportunities, Uniglo (GLO) might be worth checking out.

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