Another Dormant Address Holding 200 Ethereum Now Alive After 7 Years

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A dormant pre-mined address containing over 200 Ethereum (ETH) coins has been activated after seven years.

Another ancient Ethereum address that dates back to 2015 has been activated.

According to cryptocurrency whale tracking service Whale Alert, the previously inactive address holding 200 ETH has been revived after over seven years.

“A dormant pre-mine address containing 200 ETH (249,650 USD) has just been activated after 7.3 years!” shared Whale Alert via a tweet.

According to Whale Alert, the funds in the wallet were pre-mined before Ethereum was officially launched. The pre-mined ETH coins were created with essentially no value. It’s noteworthy that 200 ETH is currently valued at $249,650.

In response to the tweet, numerous speculations about the person who had the wallet started circulating. A few people comically indicated that this was a “baby whale,” while others said 200 Ether was a tiny number that wouldn’t impact the market.

However, it is not unusual for pre-mine Ethereum wallets to wake up after several years. As reported yesterday by The Crypto Basic, a dormant address containing 500 Ethereum was activated after seven years. William Sonuto, Chief Technology Officer of the Indonesian exchange Indodax, later said he was on the other side of the transaction.


At press time, the price of Ethereum is $1,258.31, a positive change of 0.23% over the past 24 hours, according to Coinmarketcap, with a market capitalization of $153,984,563,498. So far this year, Ethereum has experienced a drawdown of -65.62%.

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