Today’s Wordle Word Of The Day #422 Answer, Hint And Clues — Monday August 15th

Here we are again, folks. Another Monday. The start of the work week or, for you younger Wordlers out there, the school week (if your summer break is already over, as it is for my minions).

It’s been rainy here. The rainiest monsoon season we’ve had in as long as I can remember. Yesterday the sun didn’t come out at all, and that’s almost unheard of ‘round these parts. But I love it. Rain rain come and stay, you can come most every day.

In any case, let’s do this Wordle, shall we? It’s Monday. We’re all busy scrambling to get caught back up.

Today’s Wordle #422 Answer, Hint & Clues

Yes there are SPOILERS! SPOILERS are there yes! Warned you have been now! Now you have been warned!

The Hint: How is a card table like a fire place?

The Clue: There are no duplicate letters in this word.

The Answer:

Other than one Wordle the other day which I got in two guesses, mostly I’ve been taking at least four to get these lately. I’m pretty happy with three, especially since my correct guess was very lucky. And it’s ironic, in a way, that I should get so lucky with this particular word.

I guessed anger because I was dealing with some in my personal life. I won’t bore you with details, but it was the first five-letter word that came thrashing into my brain. Like a red-hot poker. When I got the ‘ER’ at the end I figured I’d just guess a word with some other vowels and Wordle Bot is always recommending hoist so I tried it, nabbing a green ‘O.’

At this point I know I have lots of options. I mean there are lots of words to choose from. Joker or mover or lover or mower etc. etc. etc. but the very first word I came up with was the one I went with. Poker for the win.

Sure, I got lucky. But even the best card players get lucky sometimes. Here’s Wordle Bot’s breakdown of my lucky last guess—a one in a fifteen chance as it so happens!

Happy Monday, young padawans!