Wikipedia is accepting crypto donations despite coercion

Wikipedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, tries to stay as inclusive as possible. It began to accept crypto donations previously but faced several hits. However, recently it has been noted that the non-profit foundation has continued to accept crypto donations. It confirmed that it would proceed with such options despite a proposal from users to halt accepting cryptocurrencies as donations. Indeed, the foundation will continue to accept digital assets despite the pressure.

Crypto industry faces environmental concerns

Several contributors of Wikipedia banded together to urge it to disable the crypto donation option. According to several reports, the community is concerned due to the environmental impacts of crypto mining operations. However, as the foundation accepts crypto donations, it will also monitor the conversations around cryptocurrency within its communities. Indeed, it will not budge on accepting digital currency donations.

Wikipedia aims to offer the most desired payments option

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According to Elise Flick from the Wikipedia team, the organization’s fundraising approach is meeting donors where they are. Moreover, he mentioned that the non-profit organization offers the most desired payment options in different parts of the world. Notably, the aim includes catering to the requests that the foundation received from donors requesting to be able to donate in crypto.

Flick highlighted that the team wants to be as inclusive as possible and allow people to contribute with the most comfortable method. Simultaneously, Julia Brungs, the senior community relations specialist from Wikipedia Foundation, responded to some questions related to the halting proposal. Brungs was questioned in Molly White’s (GorillaWarfare). According to her, the most used cryptocurrency for donation was Bitcoin.

Notably, the foundation converts Bitcoins immediately into government-issued fiat currency. She further highlighted that the team has never held crypto and spot-convert donations daily into fiat currency. Hence it does not have a significant climatic impact.

Bitcoin is not a contributor to climate change

According to some research reports like Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, it is observed that the coin designed by Satoshi Nakamoto has very little evidence that connects it directly as a contributor to environmental changes. According to research, even in the worst cases, the mining footprint remains marginal at best.

However, not all organizations are willing to continue cryptocurrency donations after receiving such feedback from the community. Where Wikipedia continues, Mozilla also halts crypto donations options following a reaction from its cop-founder.