Translucia Partners With Sunavotech to Build a Billion-Dollar Metaverse Project –

Metaverse development and expansion have continued to take center stage, with enterprises agreeing to explore the virtual world through partnership. The duo of Translucia (Thailand) and Sunovatech (India), alongside collaborations with other global brands, are building $3 billion worth of metaverse ecosystems.

Sunovatech is a 3D modeling and designing company that renders specialized services for its virtual-enthusiastic clients. For this partnership, Sunovatech will manage the production of 3D products, assets, and features for the Metaverse.

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of Translucia, revealed that Sunovatech is an expert metaverse service provider with remarkable credentials. The firm leverages the flow of technology talents from India to provide efficiency, speed, and commitment to the project.

Moreover, the firm’s focus has always been on the field of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) applications. It also delivers content development for the virtual ecosystem and has completed several projects worldwide.

Commenting on the deal, Rishi Ahuja, founder of Sunovatech, noted that they offer precise and accurate production coupled with the finer details to give a uniform global standard. Ahuja added that for a company based in India, this shows its relevance to the global metaverse business.

Furthermore, the partnership also includes Signum, the world’s first digital bank, Two Bulls, the Melbourne-based Metaverse R&D Center, and Black Flame.

Sonovatech will take charge of the design of the 3D virtual reality experience for the Thai-based Translucia.

Translucia seeks to build what the team called an “infinite universe” to connect other Metaverse worlds using Web 3.0. Accordingly, the Metaverse will feature shared facilities and utilities alongside hardware and software.

Thailand is one of Asia’s shining lights in the race to switch to the virtual world to boost economic growth. The global economy is increasingly becoming digital, with corporate giants leading the way in expanding the virtual landscape. 

However, some countries have already joined the bandwagon by injecting massive funds into the metaverse initiative. Thailand is not left out of the show. In August, the country launched the “Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022” to indicate its readiness to drive the virtual economy initiative in Southeast Asia.

The event aims to create a link for the public and private sectors to back Thailand’s economic development plan with the Metaverse in focus.

The expo showcased the distinct Metaverse ecosystem and offered visitors a glimpse of the immersive virtual experience. Moreover, the expo has been a success as visitors flocked to the 3-day events to get a feel of the future. 

Over 30 companies and unicorns from the Metaverse and its related sectors were part of the program. Attendees were thrilled to witness the actual use cases of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and were informed of the vast opportunities for businesses in the burgeoning virtual industry.

The country aims to build on the success of the Metaverse expo to get its digital economy underway.