Top 10 Social Media Influencers Shaping the Crypto Industry

As blockchain technology and the crypto space continue to expand into various industries, it has captured the attention of the public. The new technology and concept of digital assets have raised curiosity among people, with some being fascinated by the technology and others looking to leverage their profits through crypto trading. In their quest for answers, some may find more questions. Still, it is crucial to understand that the crypto market is volatile and influencers play a significant role in providing guidance and suggesting strategies for a better investment.

Coin Edition has compiled a list of the top 10 influential people in the market based on the highest number of followers on Twitter and subscribers on YouTube but also taking other parameters into account. This list is focused on how these individuals have influenced a community, organization, or industry as a whole. We will explore how their contributions to the market can impact it in various ways, such as profits-losses, broken trust, and even the bankruptcy of exchanges.

Let’s dive into the list:

1.   Anthony Pompliano

U.S. Army veteran Anthony Pompliano, AKA, Pomp, is one of the most active influencers in the crypto space. Pompliano specializes in finance and technology analysis and has over a million Twitter followers.

Pomp regularly posts detailed podcasts, interviews, and insights on YouTube, where he has over 500K subscribers, and various other forums. His daily crypto-related newsletter, “The Pomp Letter,” is also quite popular, with over 200K subscribers.

2.   Christopher Jaszczynski

This German crypto expert’s story from being a cab driver to becoming a $100 million net worth individual is awe-inspiring in every way. As the creator of the popular YouTube channel, MMCrypto, Christopher Jaszczynski has over 550K YouTube subscribers and more than a million Twitter followers.

Apart from regular price analysis, his channel also discusses economic trends, monetary policy, and other crypto-related topics covered in lessons and expert interviews. Furthermore, at the AIBC Asia Summit in 2022, he received the Influencer of the Year Award.

3.   Lark Davis

Lark Davis, the creator of the Wealth Mastery Investors Report, a definitive insider report for maximizing returns on crypto investments, rose to fame in 2017 with the launch of his YouTube channel, ‘The Crypto Lark.’ Besides being a Bitcoin enthusiast, he also has an ornamented portfolio of cryptos.

Davis often updates his 1 million Twitter followers on Bitcoin’s upward trend, as well as his own chart predictions. It isn’t always smooth sailing for him, as frequent ‘Pump and Dump’ accusations keep getting in his way. He also has a prominent presence on Instagram, with over a million followers.

4.   Ben Armstrong

Bitboy_Crypto AKA Ben Armstrong is the largest crypto channel on YouTube, with a whopping 1.45 million subscribers. He posts the latest news and views about the crypto market and trading strategies that investors can implement to get high returns and limit significant losses.

Armstrong’s Twitter account hosts around a million followers, and his Instagram has almost 500K followers. However, he is one of the most controversial influencers. This American influencer was one of the loudest critics of the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius, but at the same time, he was the one encouraging investors to deposit money with the company. This sparked a lot of debate. Bitboy also made headlines when he flew to the Bahamas to question and confront bankrupt FTX’s ex-CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

5.   Willy Woo

On-chain analyst Willy Woo is famous for his forecasts and analysis, as well as for creating Woobull, a data resource that documents Bitcoin’s evolution as an asset using a variety of in-house indicators, many of which Woo developed.

Besides that, Woo often appears in the media and tweets his thoughts and readings of the latest charts to his one million followers on Twitter. Over the years, this New Zealand-born commentator and speculator has become one of the most influential voices in crypto.

6.   Andreas M. Antonopoulas

Andreas M. Antonopoulas is a Bitcoin and blockchain expert who has authored books on cryptocurrency education. He is well known for his ability to simplify complex technology into digestible bits and pieces for a newbie. Moreover, the crypto expert explains the impacts, positive and negative, that the technologies could have on society.

Furthermore, as an educator, Antonopoulas is on a mission to reach every nook and corner of the world, educating people about the historical, technological, and socio-economic impacts of Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies through books translated into many languages.

7.   CryptoCred

Cryptocred, also known as Cred, is a trader and an educator. He has been rendering a valiant service to the industry by posting beginner technical analysis videos on YouTube. Moreover, he untangles the crypto community from its confusion by leveraging the risk and reward parameters.

Cred advises traders to look for the probability of winning in setups rather than focus on the risk-to-rewards ratio. Moreover, he expounded a strategy to the crypto community to trade strong setups with a higher probability of an increase even if the quantity is small, rather than a higher volume of weak setups with a lower probability of an increase.

8.   Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack is the Chairman of the Real Bedford FC and host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast and has 511.7K followers on his Twitter account. McCormack has contributed massively to the crypto industry by bringing in subject matter experts to showcase the potential of bitcoin. Furthermore, he plays the role of a watchdog on occasion when illicit activities happen.

On his LinkedIn profile, McCormack focuses more on the complex concepts within the industry. One such article addressing a complex topic, titled “What Do Economists Get Wrong About Bitcoin,” has been shared on his page. On another occasion, he scrutinized whether the FTX exchange was really a Ponzi scheme.

9.   Timothy Maxwell Keiser

Maxwell Keiser is the Bitcoin Advisor to the President of El Salvador, Bukele. From publishing a book named “Dive down the rabbit hole of Keiser’s mind” to predicting the price fluctuation of BTC based on the US presidential election winner, Keiser, also known as the “high priest of Bitcoin,” has been actively involved in the crypto arena. As the BTC advisor, Keiser was involved in making El-Salvador a financial powerhouse similar to Singapore and Hong Kong.

In his endeavor to attain this feat, Keiser was seen processing his Salvadoran citizenship. On a new platform, he stated: “So I’m actually super excited to be a Salvadoran citizen because I wanna be a citizen of the first bitcoin nation.”

10.  Stephen Findeisen

Stephen Findeisen also known as Coffeezilla is a crypto-journalist and Youtuber who has over 2 million subscribers and 514.8K followers on Twitter. He is well known for scrutinizing scams and other illicit activities happening within the crypto space.

From reporting incidents within the crypto space to uncovering hidden truths and other conspiracies, Coffeezilla has been a master in his craft. By taking on this risky role, the Youtuber has gone to the extent of getting himself sued, while on the other end of the spectrum, his revelations were used to put some fraudulent actors behind bars.

In recent years, with an increasing number of people investing in crypto, the demand for investment information has skyrocketed, leading to the rise of crypto influencers and experts on social media who are often more knowledgeable than traditional financial advisors. 

These crypto influencers come from various backgrounds, including investing, analyses, development, education, and entrepreneurship. They provide unique perspectives on the latest industry updates to help people make informed investment decisions and better understand the projects.

In addition to sharing the latest news, daily digests, and quick investment tips, many of these influencers are known for providing detailed analysis and predictions on various crypto projects. However, some have gained popularity due to their involvement in controversies and debates.

We have listed the most popular social media influencers we follow and the ones who have a significant impact on a large number of investors and who have a voice in the industry, even though they do not have companies or large projects to their names.

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