The Crypto Markets is on the Edge of Massive Explosion-Here’s When they May Undergo a 10x Rally

The global market capitalization is slowly growing as the crypto platforms are displaying enough strength that could lay down a notable upswing soon. The total crypto market cap has just flashed a massive buy signal as the ‘SuperTrend’ goes bullish. Supertrend is one such indicator that offers a simple buy and sells signal. It is referred to as a trend line above or below the current price depending on whether the BTC price is bullish or bearish. 

If the trend line hits the price, the Supertrend line changes its color from red to green or vice versa post to which a signal is triggered. A crypto proponent discovered the massive buy signal which has flashed and expects the crypto market cap to undergo a 10x rally in the coming days. 

Previously, in July 2020, when the buy signal was flashed out, the total market grew by more than 10x and rose from $300 billion to as high as $3 trillion. Besides, the first-ever buy signal resulted in a 200x increase and hence mow when the buy signal popped up again the impact of the global market capitalization could be massive. The market capitalization which is around $1.1 trillion at the moment, may rise heavily to mark new highs in the coming days. 

Once the market cap begging with a massive surge, popular tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, etc and many more may mark new highs in the coming days. This could also trigger a bull run which may uplift the ADA & XRP prices towards a new high which are stuck within minor ranges. Therefore, with the bullish signals, will the crypto space trigger yet another bull run? We need to wait and watch.