Rate That Crypto (RTC) Is the Decentralized Way to Profit from the Prediction Market

The prediction Market enables people to buy and sell contracts based on future events. There are lots of similarities that can be made between prediction markets, futures markets, and betting.

A decentralized prediction market offers many advantages over a centralized prediction market. For example, decentralized markets do not require intermediaries. So fees can be lower, and privacy is enhanced.

People can use digital assets to participate, meaning they do not have to connect their debit cards or bank accounts to the marketplace. One of the most significant advantages of a decentralized prediction market is its global reach.

Although centralized markets aggregate many opinions, they are often more biased than global, decentralized prediction markets.

Since participation is open to everyone, decentralized markets usually have more liquidity than centralized markets. In addition, blockchain technology and smart contracts allow decentralized prediction markets to advance faster than centralized markets.

Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Without a doubt, 2022 has been terrible for crypto investors. So far, the market has shed a staggering 65% in value, making investors lose most of their assets.

However, amid the chaos, some crypto projects have shown resilience and have rebounded strongly. Still, some new projects present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for users to recoup their lost investments.

Crypto gems, like Rate That Crypto, launched recently and are projected to make over 1000% gains through the ICO presale phase.

Rate That Crypto is a decentralized prediction platform that allows users to speculate on the price direction of their favorite crypto tokens.

Players accumulate points by predicting market trends and compete against other players to rank among the top 100 players in the leaderboard to earn the platform’s native token, $RTC, and NFTs. 

Players whose predictions are correct will earn more points, while those with incorrect predictions lose their staked points. Earnings are distributed directly into users’’ non-custodial wallets.

Apart from playing games, Rate That Crypto provides an excellent opportunity for users to learn how the crypto markets work in a fun and easy way. This also can prepare them for the live markets.

Rate That Crypto is planning to mint 1000 Premium Membership NFTs that come with many excellent utilities, chief among them is the revenue distribution from the company’s entire earnings among its users.

The Rate That Crypto game is free for all users, as no one is required to buy points to start playing the game. Instead, new players are issued points and must watch a video ad to generate new points to continue playing the game when their points run out.

Rate That Crypto’s presale stage is ongoing. With the company’s plans to become a major player in this rapidly evolving space, early adopters could soon reap huge profits.

As investors gear up for the upcoming bullish market, it is vital to look beyond the face value of projects before buying the dip. Rate That Crypto launched recently is especially worth investing in, as it will generate massive gains in the short and long term. 

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For the latest news on Rate That Crypto check out the RTC Discord Server and join the telegram group.

For more information on Rate That Crypto visit the links below:

Presale Website: www.ratethatcrypto.com

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ratethatcrypto 

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