Pseudo-Anonymous Crypto Trader Predicts SEI Token Will Rally Soon

  • Pseudo-anonymous X user @sell9000 told their followers they have been investing in SEI.
  • SEI token was launched in August 2023, and has already been listed on Coinbase.
  • The trader is curious about how SEI got quickly listed on tier 1 CEXs.

A pseudo-anonymous crypto trader on X with the handle @sell9000 told their followers they have been investing in SEI, a DeFi infrastructure blockchain token. The trader used a thread of posts to explain their reasons for investing in SEI and why they think the token is about to rally. 

According to the crypto trader, they are curious about how SEI got quickly listed on tier 1 CEXs, including Coinbase, despite launching in August 2023. They noted that Coinbase hardly lists new coins so quickly unless significant hype is in view. The trader also spotted several big players invested in the Sei project, including GSR and Jump Crypto. They believe their presence signifies liquidity in the ecosystem, a development necessary to facilitate sufficient exit for VCs.

The trader noted that Circle has also recently joined the ecosystem by entering into an investment for native USDC on the Sei network. According to the trader, along with the presence of top investors and the duration of SEI’s unlock period, which is less than one year away, many moving parts will bring attention to the blockchain token. Hence, they expects the project to “go on a big run”.

To further make their case, the trader described SEI as an L1 chain with ultra-fast TPS and finality geared specifically for asset exchange. They believe SEI could fix most of the current deficiencies of existing decentralized exchanges, bringing experiences close to the user experience thus far only possible on centralized exchanges.

The pseudo-anonymous trader believes the well-connected SEI stakeholders, speed of listings and business development, tokenomics, market timing, and other factors would significantly lift SEI to become one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies. Hence, he looks forward to a 10X return on the blockchain token’s current value of $0.1385, according to CoinMarketCap’s data.

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