Playboy Partners With the Sandbox to Build a ‘MetaMansion’ in the Metaverse –

Playboy’s famed party mansion will soon have a digital home as the worldwide famous lifestyle brand collaborates with The Sandbox (SAND) to create Playboy’s “MetaMansion” within the metaverse.


Playboy Teams up With the Sandbox

Playboy announced on Monday the debut of the “MetaMansion,” a unique virtual experience hosted by and developed in collaboration with The Sandbox.

Indeed, the media business intends to launch a virtual counterpart of the real-life building on the metaverse platform known as The Sandbox as it seeks to establish a strategy centered on what aficionados refer to as the Web3.

The MetaMansion will include mini-games, social mixers, scheduled events, and recurrent digital collectible releases, all of which will be inspired by the brand’s over seventy years of publishing.

The project builds on Playboy’s previous attempts to develop itself in the cryptocurrency-adjacent Web3 space, which included non-fungible token (NFT) collections, metaverse experiences, and a new creator platform dubbed Centerfold.

Rachel Webber, Playboy’s chief brand and strategy officer, stated:

“We’re thrilled to work with The Sandbox and its best-in-class design and development team to build a premium, customized Playboy gaming and social experience in the metaverse.” She added, “The opportunity to create that environment in a way that more people can step into now in a virtual space, and to do it in a really contemporary way is something that we’re really excited to bring to life.”

For nearly seven decades, Playboy has led the way in the entertainment, gaming, art, and celebrity industries, and The Sandbox builds on that legacy by providing a vibrant platform for the next generation of creativity.

The Sandbox’s COO and Co-Founder, Sebastien Borget, stated:

“We’re pleased to bring its rich archive of content into the metaverse and enable true fans to become virtual neighbors of this iconic brand during a future upcoming LAND sale in Q3 2022.”

Playboy Is Not a Newcomer to NFTs

The collaboration between Sandbox and Playboy builds on Playboy’s pioneering work in Web3. In the spring of 2021, Playboy was one among the first business to enter the Web3 arena with its genesis NFT drop, Liquid Summer. Within three minutes, the entire Liquid Summer collection sold out.

The company’s first major NFT collection project, Playboy Rabbitars, was introduced in October 2021. Owners of Rabbitars and The Sandbox LAND will have access to exclusive experiences within Playboy’s branded environment where users can purchase metaverse land.

Sandbox Eyes Web3’s Entertainment Space

The Sandbox is presently regarded as one of the top five crypto metaverse ventures. Adidas, Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, South China Morning Post, Care Bears, Atari, CryptoKitties, Shaun the Sheep, Mcdull, Hanjin Tan, and many more have been among its 150+ partners over the years.

Partnerships are pouring in for The Sandbox at this point. Last week, The Sandbox announced partnerships with global entertainment content company CJ ENM and Meta Hollywood, the largest virtual community for movie lovers, studios, and creators. The purpose is to provide diversified content to all Metaverse users. 

In Mid June, The Sandbox metaverse formally announced its partnership with the well-known film production Lionsgate and its associate venture Millennium Media. The metaverse will help the company create a web3 gateway for its popular action film material. To begin, they will launch a new LAND dubbed Action City, which will be packed with voxelized characters from fan-favorite series.