Peter Brandt Slams Elon Musk for Failing to Tackle Twitter’s Crypto Bot Problem

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Alex Dovbnya

Elon Musk’s crusade against cryptocurrency spam bots on Twitter is shaping up to be a huge failure

Veteran commodity trader Peter Brandt took aim at controversial billionaire Elon Musk for failing to tackle the spam bot problem on Twitter, describing his handling of the problem as “a complete joke” and “a farce.” 

Brandt’s replies are teeming with bots promoting links to fake giveaway scams that aim to trick users into parting ways with their crypto. 

Musk, who repeatedly complained about the issue himself, promised to solve it following his takeover. 

However, the cryptocurrency community hasn’t actually noticed a reduction in spam bots. Recently, pseudonymous trader DonAlt “thanked” Musk for making Twitter comments completely unusable due to scam bots.

Last week, Musk announced that the problem would be solved by shutting down IP addresses associated with several people running big bot factories. 

Still, no substantial progress has been made, with spam bots flooding replies under popular tweets of prominent crypto personalities. 

Instead of seriously dealing with the spam bot issue, the self-proclaimed free speech absolutist is busy pushing far-right propaganda and suspending users he dislikes. Earlier today, the Twitter account that tracks the billionaire’s private jet was banned from the platform. The account, which is called @ElonJet, had more than half a million followers.

In the meantime, the Dogecoin enthusiast has lost his status as the world’s richest person after falling below French fashion tycoon Bernard Arnault.