Opinion: Crypto Skeptic Ben McKenzie Seems to Have His Head in the Clouds

Why do actors consider themselves experts on things they’re clearly not experts on? Is it because they’re surrounded by entourages that deem them gods of some kind? Is it because their agents and managers suck up to them out of knowing that if they don’t do what they should, they won’t get their ten percent cuts? In any case, actors seem to think they always know it all, and Ben McKenzie of “The O.C.” fame is no exception.

Ben McKenzie Likely Doesn’t Know as Much as He Thinks

As a young man, McKenzie made his bones in Hollywood by appearing in the television program “The O.C.” with performers such as Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. Now, as a full-fledged adult and allegedly part of the Hollywood elite crowd, he has starred in shows like “Gotham,” thus bringing the world of Batman to the small screen.

About a year ago, he co-wrote a book about cryptocurrency and his dislike for it. This is the first real problem in question. McKenzie may be a genius when it comes to standing on sets and memorizing lines, but that doesn’t mean he’s an expert in crypto. The fact that he had to co-write the book with the aid of a legitimate reporter (Jacob Silverman) is proof of this. He needed help with the idea and thus couldn’t put his name alone to the book. He had to include someone else’s alongside it.

The book talks about all the people that have been negatively affected by crypto. This is a very one-sided tale as while negative aspects have occurred within crypto’s borders, one could argue that this occurs with virtually every industry known to man, and the many stories of countries now being able to garner goods and services because of crypto and gain access to financial tools they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enjoy due to economic issues or government corruption go completely ignored.

Democrats (Again) Have the Wrong Idea

Now, McKenzie is taking jabs at republican members of Congress and their attempts to limit America’s growing debt. The U.S. owes more than $31 trillion, easily the highest number the nation has ever seen. Sleepy Joe Biden has done nothing but sign massive spending bills into law since he first entered the White House. These bills have led to the weakening of America’s economy and given rise to nine+ percent inflation, the highest the nation has seen in a long time.

Republicans, having recently overtaken the House of Representatives, want to ensure this stops and impose a spending cap, while democrats want to eliminate the debt ceiling altogether, which would only give rise to unlimited borrowing and spending and thus cause American taxpayers even more financial problems. Apparently, democrats have learned nothing over the past two years, and the fact that McKenzie has their support suggests he hasn’t either.

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