Old Fashion Research create an ambitious crypto project in Latin America

Recently the company Old Fashion Research, affiliated with the Binance crypto exchange, spoke about the launch of its crypto fund. These market advances come during the crypto catastrophe, where many tokens, including Bitcoin, have lost around 10 percent of their value in recent weeks.

According to reports, the company based on Blockchain technology would be investing around $100,000,000 in its new projects and is targeting its launch in Latin America. But Old Fashion Research will not rule out the bullish trading that has reverberated throughout the crypto industry.

The crypto fund dedicated to Latin America

Old Fashion Research

Although crypto trading is experiencing a downturn in the value of its main tokens, this does not limit the most relevant companies from creating their new funds. Recently the outgoing company from the Binance Exchange, Old Fashion Research, would be betting on a new project in Latin America to boost the market throughout the territory.

According to the company’s director, its purpose is to facilitate crypto trade on the continent. OFR seeks to accelerate this massive adoption by Bitcoin or other tokens. OFR would share knowledge with other companies to fulfill that dream.

Old Fashion Research would be developing a huge crypto fund involving the company to analyze Blockchain networks called Nansen and the Exchange MEXC. OFR’s objective is to accumulate $100,000,000 in a project that, until now, is uncertain.

Old Fashion Research gives everything to the crypto market

Old Fashion Research

The director of the OFR company acknowledges that crypto trading is going through an unbalanced phase where Bitcoin is barely trading at $30,000. However, this bearish streak is not discouraging for the Blockchain investment firm but encourages them to move forward with their developments.

But OFR will not fight the battle alone because several big-name firms will be involved in the project. According to reports, the companies within the society would be sharing the risks and everything that occurs throughout the crypto project.

Zhang Ling, the most prominent partner at Old Fashion Research, believes that crypto trading is evolving in people and in the technologies it features. Zhang affirms that the entire virtual scheme has grown due to fans recognizing this will predominate.

From another aspect, the crypto market in Latin America has been increasing in recent years after several US or national companies became present in the territory. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela are the countries in Latam that have created the most impact on crypto so that they could be a focal point for OFR. One of the big partners in OFR, Xin Jiang, indicates that it is the right time to make a crypto trading fund due to the low competitiveness perceived in the market.

Source: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/old-fashion-research-create-crypto-project/