Mining Firm CEO Sees Crypto Bear Market as Excellent M&A Opportunity

Crypto mining

Crypto mining firms with good balance sheets can have excellent merger and acquisition opportunities, says White Rock CEO

Crypto bear market acts as a nightmare for the whole crypto space. The digital assets as well as companies revolving around them pays for this. Investors and firms witness heavy losses. Yet there resides several players who can see silver linings even at the worst times like the crypto market downturn. One such person is CEO of White Rock Management, Andy Long. 

Recently when Long asked for his perception about the crypto bear market, he noted several intriguing insights. He thinks that bear markets act as excellent opportunities for companies to expand through merger and acquisitions. Crypto firms, specifically crypto mining firms, can grow faster in the industry through such an approach. 

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Companies Likely to Win During Crypto Bear Market 

Mining company CEO outlined that companies who took advantage of bullish trends were very likely to witness decline during market downturn. However, the companies with good capitalization and with efficient mining infrastructure and regime could survive such phases. Companies with managed balance sheets did not only face the past crypto bear markets, but they can also deal with further volatility issues ahead. 

Long said that such companies with good health despite the market downturn can take advantage of it. He said that the online bearish trend can be treated as crucial opportunities for such companies to go for merger and acquisitions. These companies can turn out to be an investor during such desperate times. 

According to a crypto mining company executive, in a wider spectrum, bear market conditions act as excellent opportunities. Both private and public companies can take advantage and look for merger and acquisitions activities within the crypto mining space. 

Long added that with consolidations, companies can scale their economies after combining different supportive operations. Increase in network growth is expected to show up again. They might not reach up to the level that crypto assets were predicted for the year end. Yet they would gain about 20% by the time, Long added.