Meta Masters Guild P2E Presale Under 24 Hours Left – $MEMAG Next 10x Crypto?

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The next generation Web3 gaming guild Meta Masters Guild has raised $4.7 million with less than 24 hours left in the final stage of its token presale. In the near future, Meta Masters Guild, which combines blockchain technology and the gaming industry, is anticipated to expand significantly and become one of Web3’s largest gaming communities.

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The full MEMAG token presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto presale updates.

Meta Masters Guild Redefine Web3 Games

Meta Masters Guild is going to make a big difference in the world of Web3 games, which is growing quickly. Meta Masters Guild is well positioned to create a vibrant gaming environment in the constantly developing GameFi sector due to its well-defined strategy for success and substantial potential for profitability.

The project’s main goal is to be a gaming guild who make their own games for their community. Investors are getting progressively more excited about Meta Masters Guild’s partnership with top game developer Gamearound. The two companies are getting ready to release Meta Kart Racers, the first game for the ecosystem, in mid of 2023.

Gideon Clifton, CEO of Gamearound, has hinted that players will be able to try out a free NFT character and kart in the game. Additionally, the Meta Masters Guild NFT store is launching on February 17.

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MEMAG Token Presale Less Than 24 Hours

The presale of the MEMAG token has attracted a lot of attention, and all of its previous stages have been completely sold out. The token’s sale is currently in its last stage, and it has been successful in raising $4.7 million. Guide on how to buy MEMAG token here.

Those interested in participating to the MEMAG presale should visit their official website to buy tokens as soon as possible. The presale is almost completely sold out, with approximately $300k worth of tokens left to be purchased before the project goes live.

The MEMAG token presale sold out far more quickly than anticipated, however there have been no formal statements regarding exchange listings as of yet.


Meta Masters Guild – Play and Earn Crypto

Meta Masters Guild
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  • Free to Play – No Barrier to Entry
  • Putting the Fun Back Into Blockchain Games
  • Rewards, Staking, In-Game NFTs
  • Real-World Community of Gamers & Traders
  • Round One of Token Sale Live Now –

Meta Masters Guild

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