Kraken Crypto Exchange Faces Lawsuit from US SEC for Registration Lapses, Issues Response

SEC Targets Kraken in Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange Crackdown

In an ongoing regulatory sweep across the cryptocurrency landscape, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has set its sights on Kraken. The renowned crypto exchange faces allegations of operating without proper registration and mismanaging customer funds, echoing similar cases against other industry players.

Allegations of Mixing Corporate and Customer Assets

The SEC’s lawsuit, filed on Monday, claims that the San Francisco-based Kraken not only functioned as an unregistered broker, clearing agency, and dealer but also blurred the lines between customer and corporate assets. According to the regulator, Kraken’s practices posed a considerable risk, with the company reportedly commingling up to $33 billion in customer cryptocurrency assets with its own. Furthermore, the exchange is accused of using customer cash funds for operational expenses, raising serious compliance concerns.

Echoes of Previous Legal Battles

Kraken’s situation mirrors the SEC’s ongoing legal challenges with other major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. The similarity in allegations highlights a broader regulatory focus on compliance issues within the cryptocurrency sector. Previous cases, such as the one against Bittrex’s now-defunct U.S. operation, have also drawn the SEC’s attention for similar reasons.

Tokens Under Scrutiny

In its lawsuit, the SEC identifies several digital tokens, including Algorand (ALGO), Polygon’s MATIC, and NEAR, as unregistered securities. The regulator accuses Kraken of actively promoting these tokens to investors, further complicating the exchange’s legal position.

SEC’s Demands and Kraken’s Defense

The SEC seeks to permanently prohibit Kraken from operating as an unregistered exchange. Additionally, the agency is pushing for financial penalties and the return of any profits gained through these alleged violations. Kraken, however, stands firm against these accusations. In a public statement, the exchange refutes the SEC’s claims, asserting that it does not list securities and plans to robustly contest the lawsuit. Kraken criticizes the SEC’s approach to regulation, advocating for legislative action to bring clarity to the cryptocurrency market’s regulatory landscape in the U.S.


As the case unfolds, it spotlights the evolving regulatory environment for cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S. and the growing challenges these platforms face in navigating compliance with federal securities laws.