India’s Web3 Social Metaverse Taki Launches Beta Version, Opens Access to the Public –

Taki has announced that its Web3 token-powered social platform is now in a beta phase and all interested users previously on the waitlist can now complete the signup process to generate their unique $UCOIN. Taki aims to enable content creators to get adequately rewarded for their creativity and activities on the platform via $TAKI tokens.

Taki Opens its Doors to the Masses

Taki, India’s global crypto-based social network that makes it possible for users to earn a daily income by posting content and engaging in other activities on the platform, has announced that its beta release is now live and interested members of its ecosystem can now complete the signup procedure.

Aside from those previously on the Taki waitlist, new users can now also sign up on the platform to create their own unique $UCOIN, as Taki is no longer an invite-only social platform.  The team has made it clear that it’s now granting ‘phased access’ to the more than half a million interested users that have been on its waitlist. 

As expected, Taki’s Beta launch brings various new and exciting features designed to enhance user experience, safety, and transparency. Taki has urged those previously on its waitlist to quickly verify and reserve their desired $UCOIN (user coin) on the platform before other users claim them.

So far, more than 56,779 unique $UCOIN have been minted on Taki. Commenting, Sakina Arsiwala, the co-founder of Taki said:  

The incredible response which we have received from our users has led to this phenomenal growth. We have decided to now open up this platform to the public so more people can benefit from it and generate a passive income. We are now moving a significant step ahead in our journey embracing the Web3 ethos to make Taki more user-friendly with crypto-native innovation.

Better Engagement and Rewards

With the Taki Beta version now live, the team aims to engage more with Taki users via what it calls social gamified methods that will enable them to earn more $Taki rewards when they complete certain daily tasks.

Unlike other social networks, the team says there’s an economic value attached to virtually all actions in its ecosystem, including liking a post, commenting, and more. Users will be able to keep track of their $USERCOIN performance in real-time, as well as that of other $USERCOINS they invest in. 

Despite the gloomy crypto regulatory outlook in India, Taki has made it clear that the region remains its primary area of focus among the other markets it plans to expand to this year. The $USERCOIN or $UCOIN is simply a monetary representation of a user’s social network and it can be bought or sold with the $TAKI token.  Users will be able to convert their UCOINS to $TAKI token on the platform and the $TAKI can then be exchanged for real money on supported exchanges.

Taki recently raised $3.34 million from 11 investors that participated in its seed funding series, including Alameda Research, CoinDCX, Coinbase Ventures, Farmless Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Huobi Ventures, Kraken Ventures, Roka Works, and Solana Ventures. 

Saad Rizvi, Venture Partner at SuperLayer, a Web3 venture studio dedicated to supporting projects powered by the RLY protocol, stated:

It is exciting to see such a positive community response, which encourages us to keep working to best serve the community. We believe Taki will be the first-of-its-kind in bridging the gap between everyday internet users and the booming Web3 experience, especially as the Indian market has the potential to support and grow the global crypto ecosystem.