Global Crypto Exchange Koinbazar Will Soon Rebrand to “KoinBX”

Koinbazar, a global crypto exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade crypto, will rebrand to “KoinBX” on Feb 19, 2023.

The project’s new look is meant to reflect upcoming features of the exchange and also to create new identity for the platform.

The rebranding goal is firstly to facilitate the entry of crypto projects and traders into the platform. Secondly, our experience with clients in the field paved the way for us to gain a deeper understanding of the market and technology in which we operate.

Lastly, the team at our exchange and also the mindset each employee brought became the principle force behind change.

All-in-all, KoinBX will overcome all the concerns faced by traditional crypto traders and lay a safe and user-friendly platform. Being a centralized exchange, KoinBX assures the safety and security of its users’ data and funds as the system is integrated with multiple security protocols.

KoinBX CEO Saravanan Pandian says,

“As a global crypto exchange KoinBX will provide with top-notch quality sevices with a heartfelt commitment to its users all around the world.”

Notably, it is impossible for KoinBX to accomplish anything without respecting regulatory compliance and safeguarding customers’ interests. 

While there are billions of people in the world, KoinBX will be ready to onboard the next wave of million users to crypto through its revamped platform

Furthermore, with proper attention and fraud check, KoinBX won’t let any promising crypto startup fade out. If you’re looking for the freshest tokens to trade, welcome to KoinBX.

About KoinBX

KoinBX is an ever-growing global cryptocurrency exchange where traders can Buy, Sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in an authentic, reliable, and encrypted class of system. 

Koinbazar will be rebranded to on Feb 19, 2023.

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