Filecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2023 | Massive Pump For $FILE | Next Targets Revealed

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Filecoin has made impressive gains in the last seven days. The Boost monitoring stack could have been the reason for continued price growth. With an integrated monitoring stack, Filecoin storage providers can now easily collect and visualize metrics for various boost processes.

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Filecoin Update

Boost is a tool that storage providers can use to manage the onboarding and retrieval of data on the Filecoin network. It replaces the go-fil-markets package in lotus with a standalone binary that operates concurrently with a Lotus daemon and a Lotus miner.

Boost exposes libp2p interfaces for making storage and retrieval transactions, a web interface for managing storage transactions, and a GraphQL interface for accessing and updating real-time transaction information.

There has been a significant increase in the number of storage providers moving to use Boost to manage storage deals since the initial release of Boost in mid-June 2022. The need for more Filecoin storage and retrieval options has increased with the launch of new ecosystem projects and programs.

They have added booster-http and booster-bitswap in response to feedback from the ecosystem, allowing storage providers to directly serve content to retrieval clients over additional data transfer protocols. These retrieval capabilities have increased the number of new processes that run concurrently with the main Boost process.

Monitoring the various Boost processes in addition to other operational and management tasks can be difficult for a storage provider. They are pleased to announce that they have created a monitoring stack for Boost that storage providers can use right out of the box in light of this.

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FIL Price Prediction

The price of FIL at the time of writing was $8.53, with a 24-hour trading volume of $4.41 billion, market cap of $2.79 billion, and market dominance of 0.24%. The FIL price increased 78.85% in the last seven days. Filecoin reached its highest price on Apr 1, 2021 when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 236.16.

Under the critical price resistance level of $6.30, the coin was stuck. Finally, Filecoin was able to surpass the mentioned price level and turn it into support for the coin due largely to the double-digit profits. The coin faced quick resistance at $9.80.

The Filecoin Crypto Price Graph

The coin will reach $10.70 if it rises above the $9.80 mark. The resistance levels of $9.30 and $9.80 are both significant. On the other hand, FIL should continue to trade above two significant support lines rather than be able to break through its next resistance mark.

The crucial support range was $7.40 to $6.30. If the value falls below $6.30, FIL can drop to $5.69. The volume of FIL traded during the most recent session was positive, signaling a strengthening of the buying position.

Since the beginning of 2023, Filecoin has seen remarkable growth. Speculation for next month’s Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) launch, which will enable smart contracts on the network, continues to rise. As a result of this update, the token’s worth will increase at a faster rate in the days ahead.

The above analysis of FIL shows that the crypto asset has a lot of potential. But investors should remember that there are other altcoins that are based on value and could lead to gains. Check the brand new project below and also a huge amount of this coin is now in the presale phase.


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C+Charge’s mobile app provides real-time charging station information and troubleshooting. C+Charge is building new charging stations and partnering with existing ones to make EV charging more secure and transparent by allowing users to pay with the CCHG token. Guide on how to buy CCHG token here.

The presale raised $1.28 million. In the next presale stage, the token price will rise 10.3%, making it a good time to invest. C+Charge is one of the best altcoins to buy today due to its unique attributes and potential in the fast-growing EV sector.


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