Crypto Web3 infrastructure next bull run adoption

The FTXes of the world might not have been safe, but they were a snap to use. Cassatt wants to see that same dead-simple experience, with a decentralized twist. “I actually don’t really think that someone has gotten onboarded into Web3 if they’re not custodying their own crypto,” says Cassatt, formerly chief marketing officer at ConsenSys, the Ethereum development studio. There’s an understandable reluctance to go full self-custody. The average person (myself included) gets queasy at the idea of having to keep track of a 16-word seed phrase. Or to keep a hardware wallet safe. Within months of buying a car, for example, I lost the title and had to spend hours at the DMV pleading my case; maybe crypto could help me “be my own bank,” but I have a feeling I’d be a lousy bank.