Crypto Influencer Thwarts Upon Opensea Current ‘Useless’ Impasse

  • A prominent NFT collector expresses discontent regarding a series of technical problems active on the OpenSea NFT platform.
  • New capital was brought in by the organization, which was partially laid aside for stability and performance of the official site.
  • While OpenSea is already facing criticisms from the major NFT collector, LooksRare’s Vampire Attack poses a new threat.’s founder, NFT investor, and collector is not very happy with OpenSea’s NFT gallery, which got an upgrade lately. As per Pransky, gallery is of no use for now, and the issue has persisted for more than a week now.

OpenSea profile of NFT collector is currently down for some weeks, and NFT collector is not able to do anything on platform, individual posted on his Twitter handle.

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30,000 Non Fungible Tokens resumed to vanish and started to come back spontaneously, recently arrived NFTs weren’t being displayed, and hiding proved to be problematic, said Pransky.

The complaint motivated other clients to mark their own issues regarding NFT galleries, while many are leveraging opportunities for pitching LooksRare, a wannabe gallery who has released a vampire attack on sector’s leading organization.

Additional Funding Secured by OpenSea

Devin Finzer, founder and CEO, made an announcement that series C funding was completed successfully by OpenSea, raising an additional $300 Million.

As explained by OpenSea CEO at the time, additional funds were laid aside for development of products, investment of community, recruitment, and to improve stability as well as performance of website.

Attempts are being extended regarding customer support, reliance and security, and integrity and stability of site. Customer support, reliance, and security teams were scaled to over 60 individuals, and numbers are anticipated to grow by double by 2022’s end.

Data from an analytics website represents that OpenSea’s sales volume is anticipated to break records this month. While it points out that gallery is more operational than the critics say, escalated volume might be the reason for such issues experienced by users.

Vampire Attack

While OpenSea is taking on criticisms and escalated demand from influencer Pransky, a vampire attack set in motion by LooksRare looks like a latest threat to the organization.

NFT gallery, LooksRare, was released on 10th January, promising its users a giveaway of LOOKS token. Tokens can be claimed by users of OpenSea platform who are involved in minimum of 3 trades on marketplace. 

LooksRare starting trading figures appear impressive as of now, although many websites, for instance, DappRadar have shown some concerns about wash trading. Take any case, relay for conquering NFT market seems to be escalating. Therefore, it might provide for OpenSea to solve technical problems faced by users as soon as possible.

As of this writing, LooksRare Indigenous token, LOOKS, was trending at the market value of $4.44, down by 2.50% in previous 24 hours. 

The article does not promote investing in digital assets. Users are advised to DYOR before making any investments.