Crypto Canines Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Clash As New Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign Offers Up To 10,000% Returns

As the battle for supremacy in the world of canine crypto heats up, Big Eyes Coin is offering a new loot box campaign with exciting rewards for its cat-loving fans, with potential to receive over 10,000% in returns.

Loot boxes have become an increasingly popular feature in many cryptocurrencies in recent years, the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). These campaigns aim to attract investors and involve collecting coins and rewards as well as exclusive NFTs for the users. Point to be noted is the rewards of these loot boxes are completely random.

What Is The Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign?

Released on 21st February, Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign offers users the chance to win a range of BIG coins on purchases of loot boxes. These loot boxes are a part of the presale of Big Eyes Coin, and offer up to 10,000% returns on purchases. At the moment, there are three types of loot boxes:

1. The Cute Boxes

Big Eyes Coin Loot

Cute Boxes cost $100 to open. The prizes of Cute Boxes include $100, $120, $300, $800, and $5000 worth of BIG coins.

2. The Kitty Vault

Big Eyes Coin Loot

Kitty Vaults cost $500 to open. The prizes of Kitty Vaults include $500, $600, $1.5k, $4K, and $25K worth of BIG coins.

3. The Super Saiyan Box

Big Eyes Coin Loot

Super Saiyan Boxes cost $1,000 to open. The prizes of Super Saiyan Boxes include $1K, $1.2K, $3K, $8K, and a whopping $100K worth of BIG coins.

At Big Eyes Coin, the cat community trumps everything, and we aim to provide our cat-crazy community. Through the Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign, there is nothing to lose. Big rewards for the community of Big Eyes Coin.

All prizes will be in BIG coins and randomized, but users will always get a minimum of their investments back. For instance, if a user purchases a Kitty Vault for $500, the minimum prize they will receive through the randomizer is $500 worth of BIG coins. The most they can receive is $25,000 worth of BIG coins on a $500 purchase!

If a user wishes to do test spins, they’re always free to do so, but the results of the rewards will always be randomized. There are only a limited number of Big Eyes Coin Loot Boxes available, so hurry before they all sell out!

To be a part of Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign, all you have to do is simply purchase a loot box. The cost of each type of loot box is reasonable, and considering the rewards, it’s too good of an opportunity to let pass. You can purchase as many boxes as you wish, until stocks last, of course. Act quickly!

Big Eyes Coin Loot

Benefits of The Loot Boxes

Through the loot boxes of Big Eyes Coin, everyone’s a winner. Traditionally, users had to spend huge amounts of money to acquire a rare item or cosmetic of a particular game. Through loot boxes, this has changed. Loot boxes allow users a chance to receive or unlock the best items or features in a game without spending huge amounts of money.

Big Eyes Coin Loot Boxes add spice to their presale of BIG coins. Through this campaign, and the prize of minimum investment, users can rest assured that, for Big Eyes Coin, its community will always come first and receive rewards as much as possible!

Big Eyes Coin Loot

The new Big Eyes Coin Loot Box Campaign is an exciting development for the cryptocurrency and offers an exciting range of massive rewards that are bound to excite crypto users and enthusiasts. While there is the element of chance involved in this campaign, the rewards on offer make it well worth the investment, since you’re bound to at least receive prizes worth your minimum investment.

Head over to Big Eyes Coin and purchase your loot boxes today, because the stock is limited and the rewards are unimaginable!

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