Crypto Arbitrage Platform Mosdex Utilizes AI Model to Offer Rewarding Arbitrage Opportunities

Mosdex, a Finland-based fintech solution company, introduces a highly advanced crypto arbitrage platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning tools. These technology tools help create a combination of cross-exchange arbitrage and yield-based staking arbitrage to find the most rewarding arbitrage opportunities. Their unique working model is currently well-known among crypto traders for increasing the chances of maximizing profits and reducing risk in cryptocurrency trading activity.

The use of AI-based technologies is gaining traction among crypto platforms. However, very few firms offer transparency about their methods. Companies like Mosdex aim to create a modern-age ecosystem that will combine the power of AI, BigData, and Smart Contracts and offer transparency ensured by using Blockchain technology on a single trading platform. Moreover, the platform is open to ordinary investors and sophisticated stakeholders.

Mosdex uses a full power matching engine for faster discovery of multi & intra-exchange arbitrage options. The company offers an automated trading app for seasoned and inexperienced traders. It enables the users to generate steady passive income through the arbitrage platform by integrating AI, DeFi, Machine Learning, Smart contracts and Blockchain technology.

Mosdex’s working model utilizes Advanced technology  

The cryptocurrency arbitrage platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and Machine Learning tools to find the most rewarding arbitrage opportunities. It also increases the chances for maximum profits and reduces risk in cryptocurrency trading activity. 

The arbitrage protocol features an AI-powered engine that scans millions of data points around the clock, helping it detect patterns and dependencies, discover potentially profitable trading opportunities, and capitalize on them to create maximum profit. The Mosdex arbitrage platform further uses blockchain-based architecture to ensure transparency, as all transactions are visible on the explorer, guaranteeing a fully transparent and reliable trading environment.

Mosdex’s profit sharing module (PSM) is also AI-powered

The platform uses arbitrage strategies to generate profits from the financial markets. Their PSM (profit sharing model) program uses advanced algorithms to identify opportunities for arbitrage, where it can buy and sell assets simultaneously in different markets to take advantage of price differences.

The profit-sharing module also distributes profits among its users. The module calculates the profits generated by each user’s trading activity and allocates a profit portion to their account. The exact percentage of profits given to each user depends on their contribution to the overall program performance.

The role of AI is crucial for the platform as their PSM module uses AI to screen all trading pairs among various exchanges. The data from multiple sources is fed into a central server, where the Mosdex AI engine analyzes it for patterns, relationships, and regularities.

Ethereum blockchain offers data control to Mosdex users

Mosdex transactions are done on the blockchain. The data encryption allows only specific groups of authorized parties to pull data relevant for use. For all other parties, the data is to be untraceable to specific individuals but still valuable for statistical and data aggregation purposes. It gives everyone control over data creation, sharing, and access, all using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. 

Mosdex working model: User benefits

Unlike traditional arbitrage platforms that require a user to have the technical knowledge and an understanding of coding, the Mosdex Arbitrage dApp offers an easy-to-operate interface whereby a user can start by simply clicking a few buttons. To get started with arbitrage, a user needs to Deposit their BTC or USDT Click, select the ROI, and Click on Stake. The platform offers the following benefits to users:

Traders desiring to benefit from crypto arbitrage must trade high volumes in a short duration because differences in prices for similar assets are typically small. Mosdex offers a rewarding program to its users as they enjoy a high volume of trades and throughout without having to perform the trading activities themselves. Mosdex uses different arbitrage methods to ensure maximum returns for its users. Its automated trading engine uses cross-exchange and triangular arbitrage mechanisms to find differences among the assets and buy and sell them, all within seconds. It is much quicker than traditional trading, where one buys and holds cryptocurrency to sell later.

Traditionally, to take arbitrage trade, a trader must be registered with various exchanges, have funds on both, and have an account for deposit/withdrawal and trading fees. This strategy has a high barrier to entry, but it can be profitable for a smart trader (or programmer). With Mosdex, this entire process is automated and risk-free.

  • Lucrative returns (ROI) 

The Mosdex arbitrage platform can search for and match cross-exchange order books where given currency pairs can be bought for a lower price on one exchange and sold for a higher price on another. For doing so, Mosdex uses its AI-powered trading engine that takes multiple data feeds via oracles.

  • Cross-exchange order book matching

Arbitrage trading platforms are often complicated and it is difficult for a novice trader to get used to them. However, unlike conventional trading platforms, Mosdex offers an intuitive and user-friendly environment so that even inexperienced traders can comprehend the information available and use the platform for creating profound trading strategies. In addition, the Mosdex roadmap also plans on releasing a mobile-based application for its users.

The Mosdex features an AI-based engine that works round-the-clock, collecting millions of financial information data points. It recognizes trading patterns, reveals regularities, generates ideas, and develops possible strategies. The recommended set of trade ideas is tailored for the arbitrage engine.

  • AI-based trade ideas and strategies 

Mosdex provides a blockchain-based transparent smart contract and logging system for each deal concluded on their trading marketplace. Moreover, the ecosystem also offers its cryptocurrency for mutual settlements. Mosdex also offers a reward program for active traders as well as for referrals.

The cryptocurrency market can continue to generate stable profits even with its instability. Mosdex is taking measures to curb challenges faced by users while trading and presenting state-of-the-art solutions in the form of the Mosdex Arbitrage Platform, offering solutions for all types of traders while eliminating risks and illiquidity. By becoming an early adopter of blockchain technology combined with Artificial Intelligence technology, Mosdex aims to gain an advantage and disrupt traditional trading platforms. 


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