Crypto Analyst Shares Some of His Strategies for Finding Gems

  • Mac tweeted that new coins remain superior compared to legacy cryptos.
  • The Twitter user says that keeping an eye on new listings is vital.
  • Tokens listed on Binance have a higher chance of being a gem according to Mac.

In a tweet posted on January 22,2022, Mac (@MacnBTC), tweeted that new coins, such as APT, OP and HOOK remain superior compared to legacy cryptos. In the thread tweeted by Mac, the Twitter user shared some of his strategies for finding crypto gems such as MATIC, SOL, EGLD, and LUNA.

The first thing that the Twitter user believes is important in finding crypto gems is to keep an eye out for new token listings, especially on the popular crypto exchange– Binance. Mac elaborated on this by stating that these newly-listed coins “have fresh charts, often cliffed unlocks (meaning investors are locked for the first months of trading) and can form new narratives easily.”

Keeping an eye out for new token listings is not the only thing that investors need to do when searching for crypto gems, as they will then need to differentiate between winners and losers.

Mac added that for every newly-listed token, investors should try to find out the token’s seed/private round unlock schedule, its price per token for seed round and all other rounds, as well as who the investors, advisors and the team members are for the project.

MATIC 4-hour chart when listed (Source: Twitter)

The Twitter user also shared what the ideal trading chart for a newly-listed token should look like. According to Mac, an ideal chart starts with a slow and gradual selloff which staircases over a maximum period of a few days. He added to this point by saying that it is a bonus if the asset is listed on a red day, or when market conditions are bad. As an example, he shared a screenshot of MATIC’s chart when the Layer-2 crypto was listed.

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