Coinplay Crypto Casino Review 2022

Gambling has been an integral part of entertainment for people for thousands of years. Now, naturally, as people’s tastes change with the times, suffice to say, gambling has also changed dramatically over the years. To put it simply, like regular gambling played using regular currencies, an innovative form of gambling called crypto gambling has entered the scene. These days, several online sites offering crypto gambling are on trend to provide crypto gamblers with an innovative and secure style of gambling. One recently launched crypto gambling and bookmaking website called Coinplay, which enables its players to gamble or bet using BTC or USDT, is going stronger over time. 

Overview of Coinplay 

Launched only in November 2022, Coinplay is a conspicuously new crypto-based sports gambling and esports betting platform online that is worth signing up with for a number of engaging benefits and features it offers. Interestingly, a point worth noting is that the website has earned an increasing legion of customers from several parts of the world. 

Services Coinplay offers

Coinplay is a versatile gambling platform, which offers its gamblers to bet on different types of gambling games, for example, regular casino games as well as sports and Esports. So let us explore the 3 types of gambling below briefly:


Coinplay offers a vast range of casino games including games you can play with live dealers. Some of the most popular casino games you can find here include Slots, Roulette, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Keno, etc. that you can play using your favorite cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, slots hardcore buffs can try out playing various versions of the games gratis or free of cost. All the games are provided by several prominent software developers, for example, Pragmatic Play, Thunderspin, Playson, and more.

Sports Betting

Because regular sports are so ardently loved by a mass of sports buffs around the world, 2022 Fifa World Cup is here, it should come as no wonder that sports betting has such an immense fan following all over the world.

If you also take a fancy to sports betting then, by all odds, Coinplay in this reference coincides. After all, the platform offers all types of sports and leagues you have in mind.


As a sports buff, the odds are very high that you have heard of Esports already. If not, then you should be aware that it is a type of gaming sports competition in which participants have the odds of winning prizes worth millions of dollars! 

Now, Coinplay provides Esports fans with the opportunity to participate in such competitions and win a whopping amount of money. Although the number of Esports activities is relatively limited than its competitors, it is still considerable given the activities are among the most popular ones.

Why Consider Choosing Coinplay in all?

While Coinplay offers all types of gambling under one roof, this reason individually does not account for signing it up readily but there are a broad array of benefits that the platform offers in an effort to surpass that of its competitors. Here are the benefits of signing up with Coinplay:

Welcome Bonus

Among all the special benefits Coinplay offers, the 100% Welcome bonus seems to be the best one, as you, as a player, stand a chance to earn up to 5000 USDT after signing up and making a deposit of at least 20 USDT, and subsequently bet 40 X within a period of a month.

Cashback Prizes on Sports and Casino Bets

Coinplay stands out from its competitors by offering a broad array of cashback prizes on all sports betting activities as well as casino bets in the form of USDT and a stablecoin. This directs to the fact that you are actually saving a good amount of money while placing bets in comparison to other platforms.

40+ Cryptocurrencies and various fiat currencies accepted

While Coinplay supports over 40+ cryptocurrencies, for example, BTC, USDT, μBTC, mLTC, mETH, DOGE, TRX, etc. it also accepts various fiat currencies for users who do not have or use cryptocurrencies. Alsl, Any player not familiar with cryptocurrency  but want to use it can choose the option “Buy cryptocurrency”. It is really a great opportunity for them to exchange funds from the bank card to a favorite crypto coin. That being said, this seems to be another key reason to sign up with Coinplay when crypto gambling is rapidly coming to the forefront.

24/7 Customer support service

Coinplay shines at customer support service. To put it simply, it offers 24/7 world-class customer support services to its customers. So if you have any query, issue, or concern you go through, the online gambling platform will run the extra mile to help you to the fullest through live options: chat, email, and a contact form.


In addition to offering what is said above, Coinplay offers very engaging offers and features such as an Affiliate Program, tournaments, ironclad security to secure players’ details and even more. In short, crypto gamblers looking to sign up with a very new online casino, Coinplay is readily an unparalleled choice for them.

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