Cardano founder tops poll of ideal crypto CEOs ahead of Satoshi Nakamoto

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson was voted the ideal crypto CEO, pipping Satoshi Nakamoto to the top spot by a significant margin.

The poll was run by the founder of Fair Crypto Foundation and former Google engineer Jack Levin. It asked the Twitterverse which individual they would want as company CEO if money were no object.

Who would you choose to be the ideal CEO for your Project – based on work ethic, planning, ideas, mind set, and execution? (there is no wrong answer)

Twitterverse chooses Hoskinson as the ideal crypto CEO

Over twenty thousand three hundred people participated in the poll, which yielded interesting outcomes.

Hoskinson took approaching half the votes, at 43.1%, well ahead of the much fabled Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, who came in with 23.5% of the votes.

The third and fourth places were closely run, as HEX founder Richard Heart marginally beat Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, taking 16.9% of the votes versus Buterin’s 16.5%.

Poll of ideal crypto CEO
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Commenting on the real-time results when the poll was open, Levin noted that, at one point, Heart was in the lead. He urged the Twitterverse to “be smart” and take action or face boosting Heart’s ego.

“Oh Oh RH is winning, if you continue to vote for him, his ego will blow up again and he won’t launch PulseChain – be smart!

Similarly, Levin asked why Buterin was not “getting any love?” Referencing smart contracts and dApps, Levin added he was “the one who gave us all the toys!

Hoskinson contemplates buying CoinDesk

Hoskinson did not comment on topping the poll. However, he did recently express interest in buying the crypto news outlet CoinDesk.

Following turmoil at the parent company Digital Currency Group (DCG,) the sale of CoinDesk to plug financial shortfalls is on the cards. Hoskinson said he will make a call after reviewing the company’s financial records.

In the past, Hoskinson has lashed out at crypto media for what he deemed unjustified coverage of Cardano. For example, a recent CoinDesk article on 2023 predictions labeled the Cardano blockchain as vaporware.

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