Cardano Founder Makes Curious Crypto AI Statement

Cardano Founder Makes Curious Crypto AI Statement
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Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano blockchain, has published a tweet about the continuing expansion of artificial intelligence. He launched a poll about AI and cryptocurrencies on his official X account.

The Cardano community was surprised at this idea, though, posting multiple replies to express their reaction.

“AI is b[l]urring reality from fantasy”

Cardano founder has tweeted that the fast and wide spreading of artificial intelligence is “b[l]urring reality from fantasy.” Therefore, Hoskinson rolled out a poll to ask his numerous community of followers on the X platform whether he should set up a crypto OnlyFans for an AI version of himself “doing crazy stuff.”

The answer options are the following: “yes” (voted for by 19% of the participants), “super yes” (it has received 16.1% of votes so far), “yes, but Caddle Daddy” (29.2% of the votes) and finally “no” – 35.6% of the respondents have picked this one. Overall, 3,554 X users have taken part in this joke survey. The tweet has gained 59,000 views so far.

First Spanish AI-generated social media influencer

Hoskinson added a link to his X post, which leads to a YouTube short about a social media influencer and a model generated by AI.

This AI-made girl has pink hair, she allegedly earns $11,000 a month and her name is Aitana Lopez. Her Instagram account says that she is 25 and is based in Barcelona. She posts content on her Instagram profile every day, and she now has a fan base of 181,000 followers.

Aitana was created by a Spanish advertising agency using artificial intelligence and PhotoShop. Every week, a team of creators gets together to discuss what photos Aitana will post and to what new location she will travel now. The aforementioned $11,000 a month is the money she brings the agency from advertising brands that approach them, especially those who cannot afford big advertising campaigns.

AI warning from Hoskinson

In December 2023, Charles Hoskinson issued a gloomy prediction about scammers widely leveraging AI in the future to defraud crypto holders. He reacted in this way when he saw a deepfake video of himself (generated by an AI) promising users an ADA giveaway.

In the tweet, Hoskinson pointed out that he expects AI to become so good that it will be hardly possible to tell fake from real.