Biggest Crypto Gainers Today February 24 – STX, ENJ, FGHT, CCHG, TARO

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The cryptocurrency market has a huge earning potential. This makes it an increasingly popular investment option. Be it seasonal investors, amateurs, or experts, the cryptocurrency market caters to all. However, it can be a bit tricky to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies always to find ones best bet. For this reason we have created a well-reviewed list of todays top crypto gainers. Please have a look below.

BlockStack (STX)

BlockStack or STX was launched as a layer-1 blockchain-powered platform. It was created and designed as a solution to implement smart contracts and decentralized applications (better known as DApps) with Bitcoin.

BlockStack (STX) Biggest gainer today

This makes Bitcoin more secure and stable without changing any of its original features. The difference between decentralized applications and regular applications is that developers can build simultaneously on top of each other in DApps to develop new features.

The platform allows users to process transactions, perform smart contracts, and register new assets on the blockchain. Users can use the platforms native token- stacks or STX to do all these tasks.

The USP of this platform is that it allows the users to retain full authority and control over their data. Users can decide when and how they want to share their data without any controlling middle person. The applications on the platform will run locally on the machine and can be accessed freely with a simple browser. The platform also uses a secure encrypted medium that allows the safe exchange of usersdata.

The BlockStack platform was launched in 2017. However, it changed its name to Stacks at the end of 2020. This rebranding was done to distinguish the Stacks ecosystem from BlockStack’s PBC open-source project.

STXs market capitalization today stands at over $1.08 billion. The networks current circulating supply has crossed 75% of its total supply and now stands at around 1.36 billion STX. Today, one STX token is trading around $0.07926.

Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin or ENJ was founded in 2009 by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski. The company started as a gaming industry with its platform- the Enjin Network gaining over 20 million users these last few years. After its initial coin offering (ICO) it established itself as a well-known blockchain community developer.

Enjin Coin Biggest Gainer

The Enjin network provides tools and value powered by cryptocurrency to its developers and players. The network also provides a gaming platform, game plugins, software development kits, digital wallets etc. The platform allows users to mint, manage, trade, and distribute their NFTs across communities. The platform also helps to manage in-game tools and virtual items across multiple platforms.

The network operates on an Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs that are created in the Enjin network use an ERC-1155 standard. This advanced standard allows users to define both non-NFTs and NFTs with just a single smart contract. It also allows the creation of assets such as digital art, gaming goods, and real estate.

According to its official website, the network aims to create a product ecosystem which will help create advanced economies through blockchain technology. The network has also joined hands with the UNs Global Compact corporate responsibility. With this collaboration, it aims to work for the cause of anti-corruption, labor, human rights, and the environment.

The networks native utility token is called ENJ. Its market capitalization today is around $528 million. Its circulating supply has reached the maximum supply available which was 1 billion ENJ. Today, one ENJ token is trading for around $0.5265.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out or FGHT will set to become a strong candidate in the Move-to-Earnsphere. It will be available as a web3 mobile application which will put a serious spin on the concept of traditional fitness and workout routine. It is not to be confused with a basic step tracker tool because it has so much more potential and calibre.

Fight Out is the Biggest Gainer

The platform can be used by users as a tool to help them in their fitness journey. Fight Out will offer rewards and incentives to the users when they complete any workout routine, sports activities, or fitness challenges on the platform. The aim is to get the users to be consistent with their fitness by providing them rewards to stick to their goals.

The Fight Out platform will have professional athletes and fitness influencers who can provide customized classes and advice to users. Be it guidance regarding dietary requirements, nutrition, supplements, workout classes, or general motivation, the platform is confident to provide everything to its users. In addition to this, the platform will also have instructional videos and classes which users can access even remotely. To sum it up, the platform will be a gym plus personal fitness coach in just one app.

In the future, Fight Out plans to expand by creating physical gyms across the world. Users then can go and visit any gym through their app subscription and take part in ongoing sporting events and fitness classes as they please without any geographical restrictions.

The Fight Out platform will also have digital avatars. Each user will have their avatar represented by NFTs. At the start, the avatar will have similar physical characteristics to that of the user. However, its characteristics will keep on updating with every progress the user makes.

The platform has two tokens- off-chain and on-chain. Rewards on the platform will be made via REPS the off-chain token. Whereas, the utility, governance and transactions will be via the on-chain token FGHT. FGHT is also the native token of the network.

FGHT has till now acquired $4.62 million through its presale. Its presale will consist of three stages. The 1st stage token price is set around 1FGHT = $0.01665. the 2nd stage token price is set at 1FGHT = $0.0166. The 3rd stage token price is set at $0.0333. The presale will conclude on the 31st of March 2023.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is a web3 mobile app which is powered by blockchain technology. It was created to find the solution to one of the most obvious challenges faced by the EV industry. Lack of adequate recharging stations and uniformity in EV recharging. The platform aims to replace the current transaction processes for EV charging with a single payment method through its wallet. It will provide convenience to the users and a low-cost set-up for the EV recharging stations.

C+Charge Vehicles

The platform will also guide its users to the nearest EV stations to charge up their vehicles, especially in an unknown location. It will also have the capacity to do a full functional diagnosis of any electronic vehicle. This will help the users to keep track of their vehiclesissues and shortcomings.

The native utility token of this platform is CCHG. It can be used via the platform to pay for EV recharges. The users will also get carbon credits in lieu of every recharge they do. These carbon credits can be sold or carried forward and converted to CCHG tokens.

To be a part of the EV recharging revolution one can participate in CCGHs ongoing presale event. It has till now acquired $1.43 million via its presale. There are 8 stages to this presale. It is currently in its 4th stage and one token is priced at $0.017, which will conclude on 1st March 2023. During its 5th stage, one token will be priced at $0.018 until the 8th of March 2023.

CCGH tokens will be listed on the CEX on 31st March 2023 after the presale sends.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra, or TARO, is climbing up as a strong candidate in the Play-to-Earnsphere. The idea of this metaverse was developed from a story of a land called Taro.

RobotEra (TARO) Biggest gainer

Taro was once home to a thriving and growing civilisation. Then one day war broke out between the villagers of Taro and the robots. This war wiped out this glorious land and what remained was just a wasteland. When humanity in this land was on the brink of extinction, a scientist made it possible for all the robots to behave and feel like humans with an experiment called robot singularity. Now the land of Taro must be restored to its former glory.

The RobotEra platform is a gaming metaverse where the players can enact like robots and help recreate the planet. Players will get rewards and incentives for exploring this metaverse and contributing to its recreation. Users of this platform can hold assets, collect resources, build and develop lands, and help build a flourishing economy.

The platform’s native utility token is TARO which can be used as an in-game currency. Investors interested in this planet-rebuilding metaverse should make the most of its ongoing presale. Till now, it has acquired $937k via the presale. There are set to be 3 stages of this sale. The token will be priced at $0.020 during stage 1. During stages 2 and 3, the price of one token will be at $0.025 and $0.032, respectively.

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Fight Out (FGHT) – Newest Move to Earn Project

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