Big Eyes Coin – Generating an Immense Amount of Wealth Through a Cute Meme Coin

Big Eyes is a philanthropic new token aiming to move wealth into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin emerged on its own feet, standing out from other meme coins with its cat-based crypto mascot, melting hearts with its sparkly big eyes and big dreams. Big Eyes is not restricted to only planning to generate a fortune, but also desires to help save the oceans, with plans to allocate 5% of its tokens placed in a charity wallet. Big Eyes’ objective is that the funds gathered in the wallet will be donated to sanctuaries committed to the restoration of the ocean’s glory, as well as strengthening it.

Big Eyes’ official cryptocurrency is $BIG, with a period of two years as its initial liquidity lock. As of now, the BIG tokens can be acquired for a low price and if that’s not enough to get the ball rolling, Big Eyes also does not include a tax fee within the purchase or selling transactions. Big Eyes’ purpose as a community-driven platform borders on serving its dear users as much as possible with the hassle-free transaction and its quest to help save the planet one ocean at a time sets it apart from other blockchain networks, allowing it to truly impact lives and grow the finances of its users.

What Sets Big Eyes Apart from other Meme Coins?

The first attention-grabbing quality Big Eyes possesses is its cute approach. With a precious and adorable mascot, Big Eyes claims the interest of onlookers at a single glance, which bodes well for their intentions to market the platform mostly through influencers to which 5% of Big Eyes tokens are allocated towards. Big Eyes intends on promoting a sweet culture that not only feeds the eyes and hearts of users and clients but also lines the pockets of its loyal supporters – known as Kitty cuddlers.

The cute character is not only loveable but caring towards its environment, as another 5% of Big Eyes tokens are to go to ocean sanctuaries to provide some relief from damages that have occurred over many years.

Big Eyes is determined to give its all to users, quite literally as the remaining 90% out of its total 200,000,000,000 tokens will be available from the very first day of launch. Big Eyes is committed to attaining global growth and plans to give access to supplementary events and materials through the employment of NFTs, encouraging the masses to hop aboard the blockchain train.

Big Eyes is also offering to fulfill the dreams of users who have aspired to have an NFT from within the top ten projects in their possession because it also bravely holds its desires to own an NFT collection from that line. Big Eyes is bent on making these dreams a reality with a plan in the works to grant exclusive access to such NFTs to events, like the Big Eyes Sushi Crew, a club made specifically and especially for the NFT holders.

Who are the creators of Big Eyes Coin?

For now, the identities of the masterminds behind Big Eyes Coin are unknown, which is not at all uncommon within the crypto space as many coin creators have chosen to stay shrouded in anonymity. But from what can be seen, they have chosen a rather unorthodox approach method with the potential to yield amazing results.

What is known is that the Big Eyes team plans to present more to crypto space by constructing an ecosystem that provides massive growth on its own, giving the world a look into their brilliant ambitiousness.

What Sort of Goals does Big Eyes Coin Want to Achieve?

Big Eyes’ roadmap graciously showcases various milestones the platform has curated to acquire along its journey of contributing to its users’ wealth and saving the ocean. Within four adorably titled stages, Big Eyes hopes to have racked in a certain level of progress with the fulfillment of the task on the list.

In Stage one ‘Crouch’, Big Eyes intends to have its token undergo three audits, as well as its official live launch of various necessities like its pre-sale website, media stunt, pre-sale, PR machine, and social channels. And even though Big Eyes aren’t hyper-focused on numbers as proof of success, it hopes to have a minimum of 15,000 telegram members.

The second Stage ‘Leap’ entails Big Eyes’ desire to launch its token on Uniswap – a cryptocurrency exchange platform, alongside seeing its full website finally going live. Big Eyes hopes to make its first donation to charity, excited to contribute to the good work being done by ocean sanctuaries. These sanctuaries offer marine life solace and protection from direct consequences of human activities as well as man-made and natural disasters such as; climate change, mining, oil drilling, plastic pollution, and fishing.

Still in Stage Two, aims to have all social verified snippets of its NFT released, its merch shop going live, and the execution of Big Eyes’ influencer campaign and media stunt. Big Eyes also hopes to have attained 20,000 token holders and 25,000 telegram members.

At this point, one would expect Big Eyes to slow down and take things in stride with all they’ve achieved, but if the name of their third stage is anything to go by, this cute cat is going full speed ahead. Stage Three is called ‘Run’ and the goals within this period include the official release of its NFT and its first-ever NFT event, exclusively IRL. Big Eyes aspires to be consistent on its mission to save the fishes – if it eats a few of them along the line, no one has to know – and plans to make its second donation to charity. Some of the other goals within this timeframe include a bigger media stunt to boost BIG’s popularity, a massive influencer campaign, together with having 50,000 token holders and telegram members of the same amount.

The fourth and final stage is dubbed ‘Catwalk’ and the idea is for Big Eyes to tie whatever loose ends there might be and handle the rest gracefully. Most of its focus will be given to the design and execution of community events, with the goals of bridging more chains, evolving Big Eyes’ NFTs, and adding more swaps. The most important milestone for this stage is the plan to donate $1 million to charity.

Is Big Eyes Coin Safe to Use?

Considering that Big Eyes is still relatively new, there are many aspects still waiting to be reviewed properly. Potential users might benefit from knowing that according to their roadmap, getting audited is the first thing Big Eyes plans on getting done within the first stage of their launch preparations.

And for what can only be seen as being thorough, Big Eyes intends to get not just one, but three audits for its token, which goes to show how much it cares about putting out the right quality of products and services for its beloved Kitty cuddlers. Crypto coins are not without their concerning qualities, which is why users are encouraged to carry out lengthy proper research before going ahead to stake their assets.

However, Big Eyes have put forward gracious intents to be transparent and the best can be expected from it.

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