Big Eyes Coin: A Must-have Crypto Emulating the Operational Strengths of Cardano and Axie Infinity

Big Eyes Coin will operate as a crypto cathouse with lots of unique features. Due to its excellent features, it has the potential to become a significant cryptocurrency. This crypto newbie will emulate the remarkable feats of Cardano and Axie Infinity.

Big Eyes Coin: A Successful Cat Among Dogs

Meme coins are saturated with dog-themed projects. Most of these cryptocurrencies are known for one unique factor or the other. Conversely, Big Eyes Coin will introduce a change by adopting a cute cat. It will run on the dynamic Ethereum blockchain, and BIG will be its native token. The cat symbol will not be the only sign of Big Eyes’ emergence.

Users will also notice innovation in its operations. This project will delve into the DeFi sector and explore Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) simultaneously. For instance, the Big Eyes Coin will provide tax-free shopping for all its users.

Big Eyes Coin Will Host Social Events

Big Eyes Coin will host a recreational arena. This will be known as NFT Sushi Crew. This innovation will satisfy the desire of fun seekers. NFT holders will meet to enjoy maximum entertainment.

The atmosphere will allow these holders to eat fish and other tasty aquatic snacks. The NFT Sushi Crew will provide an avenue to relax and be entertained. The crypto cathouse will make NFTs available to its community.

It will require crypto enthusiasts to buy NFTs to access these social events. Consequently, Big Eyes Coin will be a project for many crypto lovers. It will include fun seekers in its ecosystem.

Comparing Big Eyes Coin with Cardano

Cardano is a significant crypto project launched in 2017. At its inception, it was considered an upgrade of Ethereum. Also, Cardano is famous for introducing the dynamic Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Ouroboros consensus protocol. It addresses scalability issues associated with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) network.

Additionally, Cardano promotes less energy consumption. It allows validators in the ecosystem to expend less power while interacting with the project. Cardano’s governance token is ADA. Users earn ADA when they participate in the stake tokens. ADA also helps to cover transaction fees.

Cardano is fully decentralized. It supports the creation of dApps or tokens. With its innovation, Cardano created stiff competition for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Similarly, Big Eyes will create healthy competition.

It will operate as the upgraded version of dog-themed projects. Its laudable initiatives will expose the shortcomings of many meme coins. Big Eyes Coin will operate as a community-based platform. Cardano has recorded massive growth through innovation. It is projected that Big Eyes will achieve more for threading on this glorious path.

Comparing Big Eyes Coin With Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis launched Axie Infinity in 2018. It hosts a gaming platform on Ethereum. This platform provides a captivating virtual world experience for game lovers. It is a decentralized protocol that enables gamers to develop avatars. These avatars are digital monsters known as Axies. These Gamers can nurture these Axies and use them to compete.

AXS is the governance token of this gaming platform. Gamers earn rewards in the form of AXS for successful gameplay sessions. Interestingly, Axie Infinity is a community-based platform. Users have exclusive ownership of Axies and can trade them. Additionally, holders of AXS can formulate or adopt policies. Thus, the operation and growth of the ecosystem lie in its community.

Similarly, the relevance of Big Eyes Coin is its cat family. Big Eyes Coin will make 90% of its total assets available to the community. Users in the ecosystem will own and control the project. Big Eyes Coin is already gaining popularity due to its community initiatives. It will not be surprising if it measures up with Axie Infinity soon or even outplays it.

How To Purchase The Big Eyes Coin Presale

Big Eyes Coin presale is still ongoing and you can still buy. Therefore, visit the Big Eyes Coin official website today. Fund your wallet with these cryptocurrencies, BNB, ETH, or USDT. Connect your wallet to the presale platform, and click the Buy Now button.


Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin to watch out for. This cute project will offer tempting offers and benefit the environment. Big Eyes Coin are giving users an additional 5% worth of tokens with the code: BCUTE369

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