Bain Capital Crypto backs gaming firm creating on-chain diplomats

Players are free to build any tooling, infrastructure or application they wish, such as custom asset marketplaces, lending primitives, guilds and more. This will involve developing the backend with user-generated content and composability in mind, the team said. 

“The type of content that the user created is in some ways no different than the type of content that we are creating. And they’re both treated equally as part of the core game experience,” said Zhang in an interview.

To be sure, getting to a point where users building content without specific coding skills will not be easy. How the tooling evolves will be a gradual process, will be partially dependent on how the tooling for the Ethereum blockchain develops, and will partly shape the future of the game.

“You can take what other people have done and improve it,” said Zhang. “I think the remixing there is really powerful.”

NFT building blocks

“It’s very likely that we’ll have NFTs, which are the building block of the game,” Chen added. These NFTs could be a source of revenue, bringing in money through primary and secondary sales. The team is also thinking about having a tax on in-game transactions to bring in cash, but that would also be down the line. 

So far, Curio has had between 200 to 300 players trial the game, with the feedback gleaned informing its next iteration. 

In addition to developing games, Curio is building in-house custom infrastructure that will allow on-chain games to be more accessible.

For now, Curio is a fully-crypto game, with no fiat onramp built in. This could be added at a later date, the team said. A native token is not currently part of the roadmap. 

Curio’s backing follows a flurry of funding for projects in the NFTs and gaming subsector — the most popular subsector in terms of percentage of total funding since August 2021, according to The Block Research.

Last month, crypto gaming platform Oh Baby Games raised a $6 million seed round as it emerged from stealth. In the same month, Neopets Meta, the web3 version of the popular virtual pet game, also raised a $4 million round.