AI Crypto Ignores Cardano: Charles Hoskinson Shares his Concerns

  • Charles Hoskinson tweeted that the CryptoTwitter and the AI crypto media haven’t reported on Cardano Twitter.
  • Hoskinson added that it seems like the incentive is to promote division, controversy, and drama instead of constructive stuff.
  • The tweet received multiple comments both supporting and opposing Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the blockchain engineering company Input Output Global (IOG) and the blockchain platform Cardano, shared a Twitter thread today morning claiming that the CryptoTwitter and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated crypto media content haven’t reported on Cardano’s Twitter space.

Notably, he posed his concerns raising the question if they have completely forgotten to report on the “2-hour governance Twitter space discussing Cardano.”

In addition, he reiterated that the tendency of the new agents not to be into the Cardano Twitter seems as if “the incentive is to promote division, controversy, and drama instead of constructive stuff”.

Significantly, the crypto community has been actively responding to the Cardano founder’s tweet, with multiple comments.

For instance, Fortune Winter, the founder, and CEO of the creative content platform Foundation Creative, addressing Hoskinson, shared his thoughts on Cardano’s Twitter space, quoting:

It was a great Twitter space. Charles, I watched an AMA in 2021 where you talked about the Spacial Web, a book by Dan Mapes. I was blown away reading it.

Similarly, the crypto investor Jack Friks commented that he has stepped out of Cardano Twitter into general crypto Twitter and hasn’t seen any Cardano haters.

However, there were some comments made against Cardano expressing the crypto members’ dislike of it. One Twitter user stated that though he used to love ADA once, he no more holds it; he sold off whole ADA holdings.

Some of the users on crypto Twitter complained about the unreliability of Cardano, mentioning that their ADA holdings and NFT-related assets have been sinking.

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