Tencent Cloud to Introduce New Products for Web3 Builders in Support of Greater Decentralized Tech Push

Tencent Cloud has expressed commitment to building, supporting, and growing the global Web3 community.

Tencent Cloud recently announced its support for the global Web3 ecosystem development. The cloud business by Tencent also introduced new products to facilitate Web3 creation and consolidation.

Tencent Cloud expressed its commitment at the first global Web3 summit, with Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President saying:

“At Tencent Cloud, we see a future with Web3, a new iteration of the internet that ushers in the concept of ‘Immersive Convergence’ where the physical and digital economies meet and integrate.”

Yeung also pointed out that increasing mainstream adoption of Web3 and other decentralized technology necessitates a paradigm shift in use-case approach. As the Tencent Cloud International Senior Vice President put it:

“With more businesses now keen to explore and adapt to an efficient, transparent digital future, we are ready to leverage our many years of technical experience in the fields of games, audio, and video to provide strong technical support for Web3 and work with industry partners to create a more immersive experience and nurture a better Web3 ecosystem.”

Tencent Cloud announced strategic collaborations with Web3 blockchain and infrastructure providers, including Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui.

Tencent Cloud Web3 Roadmap

In addition to significantly contributing to evolving global Web3 community growth, the business also unveiled a development roadmap. This blueprint entails a full suite of blockchain offerings, including blockchain API services and Tencent Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box. According to the company, these offerings pose a solid technological base for Web3 builders to project their products and services.

Tencent Cloud also positioned itself to address the growing needs and demands of global partners who align with emerging Web3 tech. The tech mainstay’s business arm explains that it is leveraging high-performance, high-quality infrastructure, and cloud technologies via these partner collaborations. Some other plans to promote sustainable Web3 growth include providing cloud solution credits and marketing workshops. The platform also plans to foster publicity opportunities that leverage its ecosystem’s resources via the Tencent Cloud Web3 Ecosystem Alliance.


The Tencent Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box initiative is a comprehensive, seamless, one-stop-shop solution. This solution fully combines the cloud’s several functionalities into one dynamic service. These features include high-performance products, extensive infrastructure, and low-code solutions, which are all applicable to gaming, media, and entertainment. In addition, the Metaverse-in-a-Box offering is also relevant to Web3 natives as well as conventional industries.

Tencent Cloud’s Vice President Tommy Li described the Metaverse-in-a-Box offering as a means of accelerating “clients’ journey to the Metaverse.”

Tencent Scraps VR Hardware Plans

In other related Tencent news, the Chinese tech giant scrapped its virtual reality (VR) hardware plans due to macroeconomic constraints. According to Tencent, shifting away from VR hardware would ensure its competitiveness in other Metaverse endeavors. The Shenzhen-based company also added that it would cut headcount at its metaverse unit and reduce additional operational costs.

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