Ava Labs’ Unique Marketing Strategy Sparks Debate on the Future of Blockchain Gaming

In an age where big digital marketing strategies are frequently flooded by the same mix of buzzwords and indulging rhetoric, Ava Labs, the team owning the Avalanche blockchain, took a divergent path to outshine the whole of the gamers worldwide. At the heart of their strategy is a bold, tongue-in-cheek declaration: Being GDC where game developers usually gather to reveal their next projects, such approach has caught a wide attention and disagreement on whether blockchain gaming represents the future of this niche.

Ava Labs’ Ed Chang advocates for openness in the evolving web3 gaming sector

Ed Chang who is the head of gaming at Ava Labs made it known that the application for the company’s marketing strategy is scary but justifiable. Web3 gaming, if Chang’s account is to be believed, seems to be dividing the community into two opposing camps, with some players and developers having already made up their minds about its ability to work or not. Under the Ava Labs umbrella, the adoption of a lighthearted and airy disposition delicately reminds the audience to change their mind about Web3 gaming, which is a new sector to bring people’s created perspectives with an open heart.

This is instead the other way around, but away from the hitherto the customized pitch that has dominated the industry which is centred around terms such as “revolutionizing” and “groundbreaking,” Chang points out to this that games have have been hit and miss so far but there is hope for a better future. Here he emphasizes the industry’s youth by (7 years ago inluem Crypto Kitties was launched the first ever blockchain game. Ava Labs’ message is clear: whereas some games affected by Web3 platform can fail to deliver the expectations, the technology down the line is being developed well enough to bring new segment of games to the audience.

Ava Labs balances critique and innovation in Web3 gaming push

Chang fulfills his brand as a critic of Web3 gaming when he becomes reassured that his dissatisfactions with the industry do not row into his memes. While believes that blockchain technology has immense potential to overhaul the gaming industry, on the other side he is a violent opponent of this technology. Ava Labs is persistently what may be pushing the business of high-quality Web3 gaming, with a couple of promising titles, for example, AAA games, in the pipeline. One of these matches, Shrapnel, an extraction game, that gives an Avalanche blockchain is getting so much attention before it could be released in early access later this year.

Ava Labs might seem to have adopted a marketing strategy that makes people distrust its product to distinguish Ava Labs from their rivals and show how genuine Web3 can redesign the area of gaming. Not only does this approach bring to risen the gaming industry to a new level but also causes a stimulating discussion between gamers and developers. It also stimulates industry events like GDC (Game Developers Conference).

Beyond the giants: The novelty of Web3 gaming unroofed

The discussion involving blockchain and the level of gaming reaches farther from that of AvaLabs’ and its distinctive advertising strategies. Sa World, an in-game industry as it is called, just hit the top headlines by employing the layer-1 blockchain Injective instead of Polygon and BNB Smart Chain as the established blockchains. It is, hence, a strategy that the game devs apply to achieve both the transfer fees and asset corruption minimalization as well as simple token swapping in different games. This is one of the many ways the game developers are discovering the existing blockchain platforms and ones that pertain to their particular requirements and goals.


Among all the contenders, the unorthodox approach employed by Ava Labs and the evermore numerous platforms being tried out profusely by corporations like SA World act to mark a period of great exploration and risk-taking within the Web3 gaming niche. These initiatives are making the first steps in challenging existing perceptions about blockchain and encouraging a new way in which to look at what technology can bring to gaming. Their mission is ultimately to open up the way for a future that is where digital games are interactive, interoperable, and thrilling. With the industry still changing, it is still to be determined which strategies will have an impact on the progression and how these games will be received on this new platform. However, one thing is clear: the discussion surrounding blockchain gaming is, therefore, expanding to cover fantastic issues revolving around the technology and the multiple chance areas that can be explored to redefine what is digital entertainment.

Source: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/ava-labs-marketing-debate-blockchain-gaming/