SXSW 2022 Exhibits Mesmeric NFT Experiences, BTC and Crypto Sessions Excluded

  • SXSW 2022 was overshadowed with NFTs and all its related stuff, but had a minor concentration towards crowned currency Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • SXSW, commonly called South By SouthWest, has made its return to Austin, Texas, this year to exhibit fresh trends in interactive media, technology, film, and art.
  • Web3 is considered as the evolution of the internet, eliminating issues persisting on Web2. NFTs are virtual collectibles persisting on blockchain, and can be in the form of anything, image, audio, etc.

SXSW, usually referred to as South By Southwest, has made its return to Austin, Texas, in 2022, to exhibit the newest trends in technology, film, music, and media. While South By is organized through March 20, 2022. This tech and entertainment festival commenced its initial week with a big focus on NFTs as well as Web3.

NFT Panels and Activations

SXSW’s participants’ interest in Web3 and NFTs was specifically evident at a venue hosted by BCL (Blockchain Creative Labs) — a commercial and creative unit made by FOX entertainment the previous year.

BCL’s interactive NFT venue exhibited Web3-concentrated panels.

SXSW activation space is made up of interactive rooms to offer attendees with hands-on educational experiences to gain knowledge regarding decentralized internet, called Web3.

The AlgoRanch

NFTs were a hot topic in “The AlgoRanch,” too, a pop-up event powered by Algorand, a blockchain ecosystem customized to solve decentralization, security as well as scalability problems.

Algorand has also shown its interest in NFTs, particularly when in respect to assuring sustainability since the network utilizes a PoS consensus algorithm.

For demonstrating recent innovation in NFT, Algorand featured some sessions during its SXSW pop-up concentrated on NFT token projects. For example, a Congress Democrat, Shrina Kurani, showed herself on panel to shed light on a release regarding her NFT channel, dubbed “Kurani for Congr3ss.”

The Ripple House

Ripple House, hosted by fintech organization Ripple, also attributed a number of NFT projects, shedding light on the organization’s latest Creator Fund. GM of RippleX — Ripple’s innovative arm — Monica Long, stated to a news website that fund is a $250 Million promise to assist creators with their NFT projects.

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NFT Hackathon By Stellar

Stellar was not behind on this opportunity to exhibit NFT development during SXSW this year. Open-source, decentralized protocol hosted a 48-hour hackathon in the initial weekend of SXSW, bringing a fresh audience and expert devs together to develop a project on Stellar ecosystem which incorporates NFT tokens.

The Metaverse Manifesto

Another prominent topic for discussion during South By was Metaverse’s rise as well as Web3. Among the most in-depth topics associated with development of Metaverse happened at Fluf World’s Fluf Haus.

Fluf World’s CEO and co-founder, Alex Smeele, stated on a news website that the organization desires to utilize SXSW as an opportunity to discuss strategies regarding its “Metaverse Manifesto” release.

Minor Focus On Crypto and BTC

Even though it is noteworthy that Web3 and NFTs were prominent topics of debate during SXSW this year, Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency were massively left out of this discussion.

Kraken’s growth lead and a serial BTC entrepreneur, Dan Held stated that, he was a BTC moderator of only BTC panel dubbed ‘Bitcoin DeFi’ where he chatted along with Tony Cai, Pomp, and Alyse Kileen regarding basics of DeFi, Bitcoin, and intersection of two.

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