oDOGE Acquisition of DOGE Sets Stage for Bitcoin Meme Culture

  • Ordinal Dogecoin has acquired the first-ever memecoin on the Bitcoin Network.
  • Ordinal Inscription #5768 was acquired for 10BTC in oDOGE tokens.
  • The oDOGE Emblem Vault will forever house Ordinal #5768 alongside oDOGE Logo Ordinal.

Ordinal Dogecoin (oDOGE) has acquired Ordinal Inscription #5768, the first-ever DOGE memecoin on the Bitcoin network. oDOGE acquired the memecoin in an OTC trade for 10BTC in oDOGE tokens. Furthermore, a well-known Bitcoin OG and OTC intermediary facilitated the transaction.

oDOGE’s acquisition of Ordinal Inscription #5768 is the second-highest Ordinal acquisition to date. The oDOGE Emblem Vault will forever house Ordinal Inscription #5768 alongside oDOGE Logo Ordinal. With this acquisition, the oDOGE team aims to cement itself in Bitcoin and blockchain history.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Ordinal Dogecoin and the cryptocurrency industry. The Ordinal Dogecoin team expects the acquisition to fuel oDOGE’s growth and popularity in the coming months, influencing a new era in Bitcoin meme culture. 

As a result, the Ordinal Dogecoin team stated its commitment to continue innovating and providing new services that satisfy the demands of its growing community.

Ordinal Dogecoin (oDOGE) is a new memecoin that is entirely facilitated on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The oDOGE team created the memecoin by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum to tap into the NFT potential of the Bitcoin network. The project is gaining traction due to its unique features and secure transactions. Notably, Ordinal Doge (oDOGE) was recently listed on LBank on March 6, 2023.

In January 2023, renowned software engineer Casey Radormor deployed the Ordinal Protocol. This protocol allowed users to create Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain. In other words, Ordinals are NFTs on the Bitcoin network — which was previously impossible.

Since the release of Ordinals, the contentious topic of Bitcoin scaling has resurfaced in crypto circles. Furthermore, Bitcoin transactions increased because of Ordinals and caused a revival of Bitcoin network development activities.

Ordinal Dogecoin is one of the projects leading the Ordinal Technology movement. The oDOGE project is capitalizing on Ordinal Technology as it expects the tech to gain traction within the blockchain community.

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