Is Bitgert Coin Positioned to Shine Post Bitcoin Halving?

As Bitcoin’s halving approaches, it is obvious that a significant change in the market movement will be observed. This will give the opportunity to a lot of altcoins to grow and rise.

One of the biggest contenders among them is the Bitgert Coin (BRISE). 

These changes in investor sentiment and market liquidity could push Bitgert into the spotlight. Therefore investors should closely monitor these happenings to develop and execute the best investment strategies.

Understanding Bitcoin Halving

So, the question arises: What is Bitcoin Halving? 

Bitcoin halving is a built-in mechanism within the Bitcoin network that cuts down the reward for mining new blocks by half every four years. This intentional mechanism makes sure of Bitcoin’s hard cap of 21 million coins and controls price movement. 

The intention to limit supply is to basically maintain or increase the demand for Bitcoin which in turn will have a positive impact on its price. 

Bitgert’s Impressive Ecosystem

Bitgert (BRISE) is a new age crypto project offering a wallet, audits, swaps, a staking platform, its own exchange, and a blockchain. 

Bitgert’s market cap and fully diluted valuation suggest room for expansion. This gives you an idea about the positive long-term prospects.

Additionally, Bitgert is achieving a level of transaction speed that has not been achieved by the other altcoins in the market. Bitgert has an amazing TPS is 100,000. This number is unheard of in the market. 

This remarkable speed is made possible by Bitgert’s innovative Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. 

Bitgert’s brilliant PoA mechanism also brings about a revolutionary feature: zero gas fees. Unlike some altcoins that charge massive fees of up to $20 per transaction (potentially much higher depending on network congestion), Bitgert totally removes the financial burden on its users. Its superfast transaction speeds also remove the obstacles that unnecessarily increase gas costs elsewhere. This allows users to conduct frequent transactions without the fear of massive fees.

Bitgert’s Potential During the Halving

Being an event as big as it is, Bitcoin’s halving is naturally driving interest in the crypto market. As investors look to invest in holdings beyond Bitcoin, altcoins like BRISE could see increased demand – especially given Bitgert’s diverse offerings and reward system.

The upcoming halving presents a promising opportunity for Bitgert and similar altcoins to thrive. While due diligence is always the best way to go about it, Bitgert enthusiasts might consider this an opportune moment to invest. 

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