BTC Community Wants Elon Musk to Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Payments, Poll Says

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Yuri Molchan

Recent poll shows that many in BTC community want Lightning Network payments to be added on Twitter

Prominent BTC-themed Twitter account “Bitcoin Archive” (@BTC_Archive) has shared the results of a poll it conducted recently. It is about Bitcoin Lightning Network payments potentially launching on Twitter.

Poll about BTC payments on Twitter

In the poll, the Bitcoin community shared its view on whether Twitter boss Elon Musk should integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network-based payments on his newly-acquired social media platform.

The majority of the respondents have voted “yes.” According to the screenshot, 36,488 people have taken part in the voting.

Bitcoin Lightning Network allows using the flagship cryptocurrency for micropayments via an off-chain protocol. This allows for a significant reduction of fees and avoids delays in transactions.

The poll addresses Elon Musk to pay attention and kindly integrate BTC micropayments.

Dogecoin army expects Elon to bet on DOGE

Overall, Musk is likely to have another opinion on this matter. In the summer of last year, before he began acquiring Twitter stock, he several times mentioned in interviews and on podcasts that it would be a good idea to use Dogecoin for micropayments on Twitter. He believes DOGE to be better designed for payments. When he was invited to join the Twitter board, Musk suggested that Twitter begin to accept DOGE as payment for Twitter Blue subscriptions.

Now, the Dogecoin army is expecting Musk to finally implement DOGE as a payment option on Twitter.

Twitter to launch its own token?

However, odds are high that neither BTC nor DOGE will be implemented on the social media behemoth. As reported by U.Today recently, Twitter has been working on launching a “Coins” feature for rewarding content creators.

It is not clear so far how it will work, but it seems likely that an internal Twitter coin will be bought with fiat money by users and then utilized to tip creators.

Transactions are expected to be conducted via Stripe, an Internet platform that makes it possible to conduct payments globally. The integration of this feature seems likely, as Twitter canceled work on building and launching its own cryptocurrency wallet started before Elon Musk bought the platform and fired its top management.