Bitcoin Price At Just Above $22,000 – Rebalance of Last Thursday’s Drop Coming?

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In 2022, the crypto market had a difficult year. Terra Luna declared bankruptcy, Celsius declared bankruptcy, and the founder of FTX was detained on suspicion of fraud. About a third of Bitcoin’s previous year’s value, which was around $46,000, is left today.

Even Nevertheless, Bitcoin’s ardent supporters are still fighting. Some expect even worse collapses than in 2022, but there is hope that 2023 could be the era of a rebound. On the other hand, some believe that Bitcoin may vanish completely. Without a doubt, Bitcoin and other top altcoins operate under various market regulations. As a result, the real-time Bitcoin price chart displays both sky-high highs and extremely low lows.

Crypto Market Today: Bitcoin Price At Just Above $22,000

Monday’s early Asian trading hours saw a modest decline in cryptocurrency prices as investors awaited clues about the Fed’s monetary and fiscal policy outlook at its upcoming meeting. The cryptocurrency market is also taking in recent regulatory changes.

The frontrunner cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, kept trading below the $22,000 level, marginally extending its loss. Ethereum, its biggest rival also posted a dip, just managing to stay over the $1,500 mark. Nevertheless, a few cryptocurrencies outpaced the leading crypto stack.

Over the weekend, most cryptocurrencies had a correction. According to Edul Patel, co-founder as well as CEO of Mudrex, Bitcoin dropped below the $22,000 level when the U.S -based Kraken crypto exchange temporarily discontinued its staking operation and received a $30 million punishment from the SEC for improperly registering the business.

Bitcoin trades close to its $21,770 support level, suggesting that it is in a negative trend. By the close of the week, $21,500 is what is anticipated to happen if the trend continues. Currently, Bitcoin is not gaining enough momentum to have a midterm price rebound.

Bitcoin's Price

All other major cryptocurrency coins were going lower on Monday, with a few notable outliers. With a 3% decline, XRP and Avalanche led the pack of losers, while Polygon, Polkadot, and Cardano each saw a 2% decline. Other than the stablecoins tethered to the US dollar, Tron, Solana, as well as BNB all traded in the green.

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was trading down at the $1.01 trillion mark, falling approximately 1% over the previous day. The overall trade volume did, however, increase by more than 22% to $41.46 billion.

The price of Bitcoin has dropped beneath the crucial barrier level, signalling a downturn in the cryptocurrency market. The 200-day EMA trend line at $21,500 offers some support, but Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder and CEO of Unocoin, warned that additional falls might occur if the price drops below $21,750.

“Shiba Inu was unable to break over the $0.0000132 barrier, and if it is unable to do so again, selling pressure might develop. As HBAR is now overbought, price rejection may occur if short traders sell their positions. The Bitcoin market is now experiencing difficulties overall, but there could be room for development in the future”, he added.

Bitcoin Output is Increased by Open-Source Mining Firms

According to a recent Hash rate Index investigation, the first production report for 2023 from openly traded Bitcoin mining firms shows a rising tendency in their hash rate as well as a notable rise in their output of BTC compared to the last month.

BTC Mining

The majority of public miners increased their output of Bitcoin in January, including CleanSpark setting the bar with a record-breaking rise of 50% and 697 Bitcoins produced. Riot, which generated 740 Bitcoins within the same period, came in second place to Core Scientific, which generated 1,527 currencies in January.

With 687 and 343 Bitcoins generated, respectively, compared to 475 and 225 Bitcoins produced in December, Marathon and Cipher have seen a significant increase in their Bitcoin production.

A Bitcoin mining expert named Jaran Mellerud claims that steady energy prices and the favourable weather in January contributed to miners’ increased output.

According to Mellerud, a winter storm that hit North America in December caused high power rates, which compelled several mining businesses to scale back their activities. However, with the better climate in January, the cost of power levelled down, enabling the miners to continue operating at higher levels and generating more Bitcoins.

Glassnode: How Ordinals Have Aided Bitcoin

According to Glassnode, the platform has never been exploited in the lifetime of Bitcoin for non-monetary purposes. The advent of Bitcoin non-fungible currencies (NFTs), commonly referred to as Ordinals, has increased the total amount of non-zero Bitcoins to a historic all-time record of 44 million, according to cryptocurrency analytics firm Glassnode.


Glassnode stated in a study report issued on February 13 that for the very first time throughout Bitcoin’s 14-year existence. A percentage of network connections are being employed for objectives apart from peer-to-peer socioeconomic Bitcoin (BTC) transactions: “This represents a brand-new as well as unique moment in the history of Bitcoin, in which an improvement is producing connectivity without the need for a conventional transaction of cash volume for financial gain.”

As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise despite the bounce, the recovery is now suffering. The crypto asset is limited to staying inside a small range. For the previous week, the Bitcoin price has been moving within a narrowband between $21,500 and $22,000. Bitcoin might drop below $20,000 if the present support is breached.

The SEC’s New Regulations Won’t Improve Market Attitude

New restrictions were recently made public by the US SEC to combat unethical behaviour in the cryptocurrency industry. It is argued that these laws are a strategy to reduce the risk that investors face while investing in digital assets.

Over the past several years, the cryptocurrency industry has expanded fairly rapidly as new market players seek to benefit from the high profits that cryptocurrencies offer. But there is a dearth of understanding regarding the danger connected to these digital assets. And due to a lack of market oversight, dishonest people take advantage of these new investors.

To address the problem, the SEC has mandated that virtual currency and other platforms associated with the cryptocurrency industry report to the agency, give frequent information about their operations, and regularly deploy stronger procedures that ensure client protection. These steps have been made to improve user responsibility and market transparency.

Additionally, the SEC has decided to halt Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which have been a well-liked method for cryptocurrency businesses to acquire money. Now, businesses must submit comprehensive information about their activities and the risks connected to those operations. Compliance with securities legislation will also be checked on all of these service providers’ offers.

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